A Guide To Studying Abroad In Italy: Fees, Cost of Living and Acceptance Rate

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A Guide To Studying Abroad In Italy: Fees, Cost of Living and Acceptance Rate.

A Guide To Studying Abroad In Italy…This article will guide you on studying abroad in Italy. All the details you will need to succeed as a foreign student in Italy have been outline below. See the full details below.

A Guide To Studying Abroad In Italy

A Guide To Studying Abroad In Italy: A Guide To Study Abroad.

As a student, the most difficult decision you have to make while studying in Italy is the meal you will have to take after classes. Italy is a country with a lot of varieties of food to choose from. Italy is blessed with a lot of cultures, art, architecture, fashion, food, literature among others. Italy has a lot of cities too, it is therefore important to know that each of these cities has its own food of unique thing to offer you as a visitor. Hence, it does not matter the city in Italy you decide to study in, with time you will get to appreciate the city and country as a whole.

As said earlier, Italy has a lot of art, architecture and food. It is also a destination for tourists all over the world. Over the years, Italy has received more than thirty-thousand international students, mostly Americans. It has a lot of opportunities to explore apart from the food. Italy is therefore an amazing place to study.


Apart from the great foods, Italy also has beautiful and amazing cities, from the coliseum in Rome to the renaissance in Florence and the fashion in Milan. Italy is just a country with many opportunities.

The capital of Italy is Rome and it is also the largest city in Italy. Rome is also known as ‘The Eternal City’. It is also one of the oldest of cities in the world.

Another important city to take note of is the city of Florence. Florence was the core city during the renaissance period. It houses the statue of David made by Michelangelo and the gallery of Uffizi.

If you are a lover of evening strolls and afternoon walks and riding of bikes then Florence is the city for you as it is very easy to navigate and access.

Another important city in Italy is Milan; it is the fashion capital of Italy. It also houses the two Milan football clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Milan also houses the oldest shopping mall in the world which is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and also a touch of history with the “The Last Supper” painting done by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Top Cities to Study in Italy:

Here is a list of the top cities to study while you are in Italy.


The subject or the course to study while in China depends on the University and program.

For example, if you want to study history, you will have to study in Rome. This will give the students the opportunity to know more about the Roman Empire. This study also includes visits to different historical places.

If you want to study Photography in Italy, you will have a lot of places to capture with your camera.

Unlike other countries, you can start and finish your study in Italy without speaking the language; Italian as majority of the Universities teaches using the English Language. It will be of great use to the student if the at least learn few words in Italian.


Although Italy has a lot of amazing features, Italy is a very costly place to school and live in. It is therefore important to be very careful when searching for the University you want to study in and also the program or course you want to study.

The tuition rate in Italy sometimes takes care of just the program you are studying. Other tuition rate covers everything including accommodation, meals and excursion.

The factors to consider before coming to Italy to study are to find out if the University you are going into offer scholarships, loans for international students and grants for students that want to study in Italy. It is important to check the online platform GoAbroad’s scholarship directory for available scholarships.


The two most important to take into consideration is to have a visa and a place to stay in while studying. Accessing the GoAbroad’s Italian embassy directory will give all the information you need.

The study programs in Italy are mostly done in the bigger cities thus making accommodation difficult. Having and sharing an apartment or having a homestay is the only secure option. Homestay is advisable because it gives you the opportunity to mix with other students thus making you learn new things and visit more places.


Italy might have met all your needs but there are few challenges. The main challenge is not having the ability of understanding Italian language. This is because the official language there is Italian and virtually everyone there speaks that from the meat seller to the class instructor, the law enforcement officers, chefs, etc. So, if you are not grounded in Italian language, it could feel like being in a whole “fuggin” world of your own with no one to talk to but there’s a way out, though.

Before you go thee, try and learn at least the basics of Italian language. You can enroll in an Italian class for beginners to start immediately you land there. That way, you’d have surmounted the hurdle of language barriers and got yourself acclimatized with the Italian language seamlessly.

Italy is a country with a lot of opportunities and things to explore. You will be always busy; apart from the food you also have the museums, cathedrals and the fashion.  Italy is therefore an amazing place to have your abroad study as you will make a lot of memories and have a lot of experiences.

So, don’t let the language barrier cut you off your study abroad experience in Italy. Simply learn the language and have fun while you’re there. The centrality of Italy’s location in Europe has made it a go-to place not only on the continent but by many other nations of the world. What more? They have an easy transportation system using planes, trains, cars, ship, etc. hence, a vacation after or in-between studies cannot be far from being amazing. Yes, that is what studying abroad in Italy can afford you.

Wrapping Up

There are so many benefits to studying in Italy, there are centuries-old marble fountains to explore, tons of world’s most amazing arts works to see, a lot of violet covered hillsides to visit, and so much more. If you are someone who loves and appreciates anything history and culture, you’ll certainly find study abroad in Italy amazing. Yes, because there are things you just can’t get by simply reading a book or via a picture till you see and feel them yourself. That is what travelling to study abroad in Italy can avail you.

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