Editpad.Org is a best SEO tool in 2022 |For students content writers and professionals

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Editpad.org is a famed tool in the writer and developer community. So, is it great or a gimmick?

In recent times, many people have relied on online text editors. Since the pandemic, 16% of the companies are operationally based on remote workers. That’s why relying on tools that make it easier to work remotely or online has increased in value recently.

One such tool that stands out is Editpad.Org. When you visit the website, here’s what you see:


It may not be anything special, but since the tool aims for efficiency, one can understand why visual prowess isn’t Editpad’s priority. However, it’s imperative to notice the various other tools provided by this website in the upper-right corner.

By this, you can tell the tool aims to be a total solution for writers. So, how exactly does it perform? Let’s find out by using it in detail.

Describing EditPad: What Does It Do?

EditPad, as the name suggests, is an online text editor pointed toward writers and developers. Writers can use this tool to work on the go, edit their text, or work remotely. But, why developers, you might ask? Because developers have a necessity to change or amend codes on the go as well.

That’s when accessing an online tool can help developers and writers alike. Moreover, developers need a specific character count, sometimes. That’s when tools like EditPad can help them, like this:

Editpad.Org is a best SEO tool in 2022 |For students content writers and professionals

Image credit: Editpad.org

That’s what EditPad does and helps writers and developers keep their word or character count specific.

How To Judge Good Text Editors

Judging a good text editor can be based on various elements. However, it depends on why you need it and whether you fall in the targeted category, i.e., developers or writers. So, if you’re either of those, here are four things you need to keep in mind when finding good text editors:

·       Online Nature

An online text editor needs to be just that, so if a tool requires you to download it, then it’s not very effective. Therefore, the first thing you should look for is the online nature of the tool.

·       Free Usage

Unless you’re willing to pay for a tool, you should look for the tool and its extensive free usage. Many tools in the online world require you to pay to use them. Hence, you should pick one that’s free and effective.

·       Paid Benefits (If Any)

If you do end up paying for a tool, does it have all the necessities you need? Therefore, if you’re aiming for a paid tool, see if it provides any additional benefits.

·       Accompanying Tools

Suppose you’re looking for a total solution as a writer. In that case, you should pick a tool that provides additional tools, such as paraphrasers and grammar checkers.

Editpad’s Simple Vs. Rich Text Editor

EditPad offers two different versions of its online text editor. The first one is the plain and simple one; the other one is a rich text editor, which is akin to a word processor. Here is how they compare against one another:

1.    Simple Text Editor

Editpad’s simple text editor is its primary tool and the one program that you see upfront. When you visit EditPag.org, here are the two noticeable prompts you see:

If one clicks on the “Create New Text Note,” then you will open the tool. If you click on “Upload File From Local Device,” then the text editor will open that file in this simple editor:

Here is the main window of a simple text editor, which allows you to read, edit, or amend texts. You can use this to save notes, update existing content, or change up code (for developers). Upon clicking the “More” prompt, you can see the word and character count.


  • Remarkably quick
  • Easy to use
  • Upload barely takes a few seconds
  • Download edited files or saved notes


  • The yellow-tinted background is difficult on the eyes
  • It’s a bit difficult for editing formatted text, i.e., H1 or H2

2.    Rich Text Editor

Navigate to the top-right corner of your screen to access Editpad’s Rich Text Editor. Here are all the accompanying tools one sees when moving the cursor to the top-right corner:

Rich Text Editor is the first option among these various tools, and here’s what we see after clicking it:

Once again, the prompts are the same as its Simple Text Editor. However, the editor itself is vastly different:

We get various other options in the rich text editor that we’d normally find in a word processor. This includes formatting the content, inserting images, copying text, and other miscellaneous features.


  • Much more suitable for content writers
  • Great at formatting content
  • Comparatively easy to use


  • The yellow background once again (can be fixed with dark mode)
  • Image insertion can be a problematic experience
  • Doesn’t always detect the original text’s font

3 Essential Accompanying/Secondary Tools By EditPad

EditPad.org comes with various other remarkable and convenient tools. These tools can help you with various other aspects of writing. Are they any good compared to other such tools in the industry? Let’s find out:

1.    Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker by EditPad isn’t anything special or something akin to more established tools like Grammarly. However, it does get the job done and does so quite efficiently.

Upon opening this tool, one sees the pre-loaded content with grammatical errors to show its abilities. However, we used other content and found it just as efficient. This makes it a very convenient addition to EditPad’s albeit small but effective arsenal.

2.    Plagiarism Checker

EditPad offers a plagiarism checker, which actually bodes quite well against more established competitors. It provides a simple UI when one checks their content:

The process takes time depending on the size of your content, but you shouldn’t expect it to take more than a minute for a 1000-word text file.

One of the highly convenient aspects of EditPad’s plagiarism checker is its ability to extract sources and present them to you. And it shows a specific percentage of duplicity as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly convenient
  • Source checker
  • Plagiarism percentage


  • Gets slower with increased word count
  • Doesn’t offer word or URL exclusion

3.    Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool by EditPad isn’t too far behind in efficiency. While it doesn’t offer any flashy options like content tone changes, it does get the job done:

It marks the changed content by turning it into bold text, and at the same time, one can check it for plagiarism or summarize it.


  • Easy & quick
  • Faster than some significant competitor tools


  • Doesn’t offer word inclusion
  • Doesn’t’ change content tones


This is how EditPad bodes as a singular text editor and writing tool. It has everything for developers, but it’s clear that it’s targeted toward writers and students. It’s quick, it’s convenient, but the yellow background might be a turn-off for some. Therefore, look for the icon which allows you to turn it to dark mode.

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