How to Fix Gotv Missing Channels

One of the gotv problems you will encounter while using Gotv is missing channels, incomplete gotv channels, apparently many gotv subscribers do not know how to handle this when it happens.

Are worried that your Gotv decoder has missing channels or lost channels? If yes, then this post is for you.

fix gotv missing channels

You’re going to learn how to fix a Gotv that has missing channels or channels not found without the help of any digital tv technician. So let’s dig in…

First Method:

How to Scan for Gotv Missing Channels

  1. Press the “MENU” button on your remote (incase the writings on your gotv remote is washed out the MENU key is the white key on the bottom left of your remote).
  2. Choose Advanced OptionsChoose Installation¬†Finally Choose the “Automatic Scan” option which is the second option on the list. Wait for the scan process to complete the press the exit button to go back to your tv channels list.

Do not interrupt the scanning. Your Gotv decoder will scan for missing channels and within 1-2 minutes. If scanning was successful you will have all the missing channels back. If it wasnt you can repeat the process until you get all your channels working.

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Second Method:

Reset your Gotv via Text Message

Another way you can reset your GoTv decoder or clear error code is by sending an SMS. This method also works if you recently renewed your Gotv Subscription and channels are not still showing. So let’s dig in!

  1. Send a text message with the information in quote “RESET IUC number” example RESET 46299389293 to 4688.You have to leave a space after the RESET and type your IUC number.Also this can be done via the GoTv website via Gotv Africa SelfService
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Ensure that you leave your GoTv decoder on and connected when you are carrying out the manual reset.

Happy viewing!

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