Pass JAMB 2020 Excellently: How To Pass JAMB In One Sitting

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Pass JAMB 2020 Excellently: How To Pass JAMB In One Sitting

Pass JAMB 2020 Excellently: How To Pass JAMB In One Sitting…Are you tired of writing JAMB every year? Then this is the perfect guide you need to write and pass JAMB exams without cheating. I did write JAMB once and the very first time I wrote it I pass very well. I had 266. Today, I’m sharing the same method I used to pass JAMB exams in one sitting with you.

How To Pass JAMB In One Sitting
How To Pass JAMB In One Sitting

I will segment this article into three parts; the preparation, sitting for the exams and after the exams.

After going through this guide, I bet you can never fail the JAMB CBT exams again. But it is very important if you don’t just want in one sitting but with flying colors to get the e-books: 21 little-known secrets of scoring high in JAMB: How to score 300 and above in your JAMB CBT exams.  It will really change everything about your JAMB experience.

To pass JAMB excellently in one sitting, you need to follow my guide. But do you really need to listen to me? Yes, you absolutely do because this is studydriller where we help students succeed in exams. It is our vision and mission to help you succeed in your exams at any level.

So if you truly want to pass your JAMB in one sitting and excellently then follow this Guide on how to pass jamb in one sitting.

But before you proceed it will be really helpful to take a look at this article 10 killer exams tips to pass any exam.

You can also read my story about how I became an A student and what inspired me to start studydriller.

If you want to pass your JAMB UTME exams in one sitting then do this;

1.   Decide on the score you want and set it as a goal

Without goals, there can be no meaningful achievement; it will be of help if you decide on how much you want to score on your JAMBUTME CBT exams. Setting this goal and deciding on the score you want will enable you to create a plan to achieve the feat. The key to finding what you want knowing what you want. You can say something like this year I will get 360 in my JAMB exams. Then you asked yourself how can I get this score? Focus on working hard to get the score of your desire. Study three to four hours a day is not bad.

2.   Create a timetable

Working blindly can be very unproductive. You need to create a study guide to help you get focus and stabilized. You need to be sure of the subject that will require more time for study. If you’re a not too good in mathematics, for example, you need to spend more time on it.

One hour a day can never be enough. If you have over 15 years of past questions to tackle, you will better understand what I’m talking about. You can also find a study partner if you think this will help you.

3.   Stick to your study plan

You need to stick to your study plan without deviating. Consistency is the only bridge between accomplishment and goal. No matter how wonderful your goal, you will never go anywhere without being consistent. If you are reading 4 hours a day, you need to stick to it. Never miss a day, follow your study schedule religiously.

4.   Start reading immediately after getting a study schedule

Procrastination they say is a thief of time, if you are the type that experiences the force of inertia when you want to act, you will find it hard to succeed. You need to start reading immediately you finish setting up your study schedule. If you don’t start reading immediately, you might never be able to follow you study schedule again.

5.   Get Jamb syllabus

This one is very important. You can’t just be reading as you like. You need to download JAMB syllabus. You can download it here. If you need to pass your JAMB this year in one sitting then start thinking about getting JAMB syllabus. This will make your problem half solved.

Download JAMB Syllabus Here.

Download JAMB Brochure here.

6.   Get Jamb Past Question

Is jamb past questions still relevant in this CBT era? If you ask me I will say they still help. Examination past questions have always been a lifesaver for every exam. It will be an additional boost for your jamb CBT software.

7.   Download the JAMB CBT Practice software

This is the most important thing as far as passing JAMB in one sitting is a concern. You need to download the JAMB CBT SOFTWARE for free here. When downloaded, you need to practice it for at least two hours a day.

Download JAMB CBT Software for free here.

8.   Remember the statistics

Just remember that you are not the only one writing JAMB. You have only about 295,095 chances (about 20%) of passing JAMB and gaining admission in 2016/2017. Available statistics show that you are sitting for this Computer Based Examination with other 1,475,476 candidates from across and across Nigeria. Candidates from Ghana, Cameroun, Ethiopia, Togo, Benin Republic will write the same exam with you. So it’s as serious as that and you need to sit up!

9.   Use textbook or exams focus

Well, this might not really count in this era of CBT but it is still a helping factor if you really want to pass JAMB in one setting and never visit the JAMB registration center again.

10.                     Have a good phone

What has phone got to do with this? A lot and don’t forget that phones now perform most PC function. The phone can help you in your JAMB CBT practice as well as sourcing for adequate and relevant information online.

11.                     Borrow a computer from someone

Do you need to borrow a laptop?  You can borrow a computer from a trusted friend. This will help you in practice and be conversant with the computer keyboard if you are not too conversant with the keyboard. But be honest in your dealings. Return the laptop in good condition to the owner.

12.                     Keep your documents handy and ready

You will need your exam print out, and a few other things as listed on the photo card. Get all of them ahead of time and try to memorize your registration number. Make photocopies where the need is and make sure you are lacking nothing. Eat and read each day until the D day. Do this once and for all, and with prestige.

13.                     Practice every day at least once a day

Like I said earlier in this post, practice makes perfect. Read at least four hours once a day. Make sure you master a particular topic before you move over to the next one. As you keep on practicing relentlessly, you will certainly succeed.

14.                     Write the exams in your mind before the actual exams

There is what we call mind mapping. You can create the exams scenario in your mind. Write the exams in your mind first, pass it in your mind and gain the admission in your mind. As you do this, you will observe how at ease you will be in the exams hall.

15.                     Prepare very adequately for English

Remember that English in general. You need to download JAMB Novel for this year. In case you have not downloaded the JAMB novel for this year, you can download it here. You can see the types of questions that will be asked from the Novel here.

16.                     Partner with studydriller.

Very important you need to partner with, studydriller will be very ready to help you succeed in your JAMB exams. We are ready to respond to all your queries in the comment section below.

17.                     Finally, pray.

Finally, the most important point, pray fervently. Prayer can move mountains. In my final words, my prayer for you is that you are not writing JAMB again after this year. You can say Amen to that.

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