How To Record Internal Game Audio while Screen Recording

Hello good evening beloved readers welcome to My blog  am going to be teaching you guys on  How To Record Internal Game Audio, once more I have been receiving countless email on people asking me how I produce my gaming screen recording on my YouTube channel with the same audio quality. So many people messaged me demanding to learn How To Record Internal Game Audio while screening recording.

At first I started a YouTube video on game review or gun battle the video quality was ok but my dear the sound quality was nothing to write home about it was so devastated on how am going to make this audio quality fine, so now I have discovered it so am her to share it with you guys for those that want to start a YouTube channel or vlog this is definitely gonna help you on your journey, trust me

So here am here to let the cat out of the bag on How To Record Internal Game Audio, these days you see many YouTuber of vlog owners making a screen record while gaming or making a gaming review with their phone you will see some shaddy noised from the background that sucks alot because your audience with not like it, do you know why people that mostly watch YouTube video make use of their earpice or headphone some of them like listening to sweet sound or quality sound so producing cranky sound from your mobile game screen record will not make them to subscribe or follow you channel it may be a major setback for you trust me

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but before I proceeds, with this trick you will be able to produce quality gaming video with the same audio quality no background sound attached. so with this tutorial you will be able to produce professional quality video, be it game review, app review, etc your audience will love your content definitely trust me If I say so to you.

So on How To Record Internal Game Audio all you need

  1. head phone aka (earpice)
  2. A peg (for pegging cloth)
  3. your phone( Android or iPhone)
  4. A good screen record app( Apk or Ios)

How To Record Internal Game Audio

Rules you have to follow to record internal game audio.

How To Record Internal Game Audio while Screen Recording, you have to follow this simple basic rules,

plug your headphone => place your peg on the neutral button => start your screen recording => save it

So How To Record Internal Game Audio, download the screen record app, set resolution to fit your screen, etc set everything.

Plug the headset to your phone then place the peg on the neautral button for answering phone call.

Note look at your earpice or headphone it may have three button or one like mine have only one only clickable button I use it to receive calls, so look at your own it may have three button (-) (+) and () neutral button.

Now place the peg on the neutral button I mean peg the button down, you can use your hand to do it but you have to play the game for a long time your hand will pain you.

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After you might have pegged your earpice button before you peg the earpice button make sure they earpice is plugged in first.

After you have plugged your earpice and placed your peg, Google assistant will come up, just press the back button and goto you screen record app, start it goto your game start playing after you are done listen to the audio quality you will see that it only recorded the audio quality of the game with any background noise so this is How To Record Internal Game Audio while Screen Recording.

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