How to Study Abroad in Canada: Fees, Cost of Living and Acceptance Rate

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How to Study Abroad in Canada: Fees, Cost of Living and Acceptance Rate.

Hey! Are you hoping to study abroad in Canada? Studying Abroad in Canada Has Just Been Made easy with this guide to studying in Canada. See details below.

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The Best Study Abroad Jobs And How To Apply For Them

As a student or someone that wants to further his/her education, studying outside your native country is a huge dream. Studying in countries like the United States, Italy, Germany or France is both an opportunity and an experience that can never be forgotten. A major challenge to this is the language of these countries. You might not understand everything said and as such can be a hindrance to your stay there.

Fortunately for you, there is a Country that understands this and is also able to mix the language barriers and help international students have a nice stay there; Canada. Canada is situated in the north of the United States. It houses a variety of differences in culture and in race. There also have world-class Universities that have affordable tuition fees.

Averagely, a course studied by an international undergraduate student is half of the tuition paid in the United States of America. This tuition fee is actually between the ranges of $4,500 to $13,000 annually. The case is different for international students that are transferred as they are made to pay a little bit higher tuition fee. International students are to pay about $16,700 each year as tuition for studying in Canada; this is about 30% less than the amount paid by public Universities in the United States which is $25,000.

Little wonder why students most especially Americans, which number up to nine thousand decide to study in Canada. This number is increased remarkably over the years particularly after the Presidential elections in 2016 as applications from American students has increased to 80% in most of Universities in Canada.

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Study Abroad in Canada

Being one of the largest countries in the world, Canada is an amazing place for international students to learn not minding your age and country. The country also has natural attractions like the Quebec Mountain which is covered in snow or the Niagara falls. Canada has a lot of places that will make your stay both and exiting and educative one.

Studying Abroad in Canada Can Open Many Doors

Living in another country and studying at the same time is an amazing experience. You will have the opportunity to see a lot of places, places you once saw in the television and also meet new people. You will get to know more about a lot of cultures and even participate in some of them. Not only will you see places and meet people, you will get the opportunity to know what it means to be a Canadian. Being the largest country next to Russia, there are a lot of opportunities to explore.

There are a lot of things and opportunities in Canada; this depends on what you are studying and your plans for the future. You might decide to expand your horizon by making use of the opportunities both educationally and in your choice of career. If you school elsewhere or maybe in the United States you should consider furthering your education in Canada. While continuing your education, you can discover things you never knew about the world and the country itself. The memories which later become experiences will help in making you understand more about Canada and it turn will make you appreciate the culture if the Canadian people. This will also help in giving you more understand and acquire more insight to what you stand to gain and profit if you decide to further your education and career in Canada.

If the interest is there to further your education and continue your career then the best place to achieve your goals is in Canada. The opportunity you get here will help to equip you with a large range of connections that you might have never had access to while staying in your home country or elsewhere. If you became a graduate while studying in Canada, you stand a higher chance of getting a job that will provide a lot of better benefits including financial benefits.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Study in Canada Program

Before making the decision to study in Canada, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Apart from the differences in culture, you should ask yourself if you are willing to learn a language entirely different from yours or willing to improve on the language you already know. For example are you willing to learn French or improve on the French you already know?

In Canada, there are a lot of programs to make decisions from. Exploring the country you are in for the first time is an option but an option to take into consideration is where you will stay to learn, you need to ask yourself will the environment be conducive enough for learning and will I live comfortably here. Another question or factor to take into consideration is finding out the cost of living and the institution policies of the University you are about to go into. You might want to also consider the costs of transfer from your school to the one in Canada. You have to consider the duration of your stay in Canada. The program there each comes with the period of time to study, there are three months programs, six months and also a programs that last for a year. Another important factor to consider is if coming to study in Canada is the right thing. If you are the exploring type of person, a person that a willing to learn a lot of new things is a most especially willing to take up new challenges studying in Canada is the best option.

Steps to Study Abroad In Canada

If you have considered the above options and have made up your mind, here are the complete guides on how to Study in Canada.

  1. Decide Where You Want to Live

In terms of land size, Russia it the country with the largest landmass in the world and Canada follows. Canada houses a lot of ways of life, natural landscapes and different weather conditions. Canada is a cold country thus if you are not a lover of cold weather you can go to British Columbia which is in the western portion of the country. The weather is quite moderate there. Other possible options could be Victoria and Vancouver, two nice cities which weather are not really that cold as compared to other cities in Canada with extremely cold weather. It might also interest you to know that Vancouver is the perfect place for those that love skiing. The six ski resort is a spot for skiing.

There is also a spot for lovers of culture, tradition and languages. At the cities of Montreal and Quebec City, lovers of language can either improve their French of learn French there. Also called the smaller and better version of New York is the city of Toronto. It is a great spot for urban dwellers. Cost for living for students depends on the city you decide to stay in. The cost is usually about $7,000 to $11,000. A city in Canada; Alberta is a very affordable place to stay. The city has a low rate of unemployment.

  1. Investigate Your University Choices

Canada is a country that currently houses ninety-two Universities and over one hundred and seventy-five colleges. Al these institutions combined has a total of ten thousand undergraduate and graduate programs. A lot of them are internationally recognized. Recently, a total of twenty-six institutions in Canada were among the World University Rankings category of the Times Higher Education magazine.

The Universities in Canada that have great reputations and high standards are:

  1. University of Toronto,
  2. University of Montreal,
  3. University of British Columbia, and
  4. University of Alberta,

McGill University. Other institutions worthy of mention include

  1. York University,
  2. University of Waterloo.
  3. University of Calgary,
  4. Queen’s University,
  5. McMaster University,
  6. Concordia University, and
  7. McGill University in Canada

If you like the hot weather and Canada being mostly cold won’t be good enough for you, there is an alternative. The Canadian University in Dubai is the right place to be. It is located in United Arab Emirates but still operates using the system of Education used in Canada. Thus transferring to Canada institutions becomes easy.

  1. Apply to Several Canadian Higher Institutions

To apply to a Canadian University is almost the same process and has similar requirements as what is applied to applying to an American University. The emphasis is mainly on the result of the student, essays written personally, and recommendation letter.

  1. Get a Student Visa

International students moving to Canada must have a student’s visa. This is also called Canadian Study Permit. It costs $115 and can be gotten on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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Each student is expected to submit a copy of the approval letter from the University you are coming from. This copy has to be scanned. A police certificate is needed to ensure that you are not a criminal. Medical reports are not really necessary. It takes over five weeks for the permit to be processed for American citizens.

  1. Move to Canada

The final step is to board your plane or get into your car and go to your Canadian City and enjoy your stay and education.

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