11 Types Of Internet Scams In Nigeria And How To Avoid Them

Hello readers welcome to my highly recommend blog lol am just kidding ok back to the post, previous years people have been falling for all these cheap internet scams in nigeria not only in Nigeria but the rest of the world at large.

This is 21st century everything is now going global and technological you can type and send information from your comfort zone, some people now take advantage of this opportunity to scam non enlightened fellow ( people who are still in the dark) that’s why they say knowledge is power, so. My dear that is why I decided to write this content about internet scams in nigeria to tell people about it so that they will not fall for it.

So now am going to list type of internet scams in nigeria not only in Nigeria but the world at large and tell you things you have to do to avoid it or to Identify it


Dating scam
Wire scam
Credit card scam
Dating extortion scam
Travel scams
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams
Money Investment scams
Job offer scam
Online shopping scam
Fake cheque scam


internet scams in nigeria
dating scam is a type of scam which you do by hiding behind a mask, I mean using a fake profile and making somebody to fall in love with you so that you can demand money from them and valuable but most time it is money and this is usually used on white people who are financially buoyant, so to avoid this before you go into internet dating with somebody make sure you do a video call on many social media platforms, and telling the person to do special task for example, telling the person to touch his face, mouth, ears etc if the person is not complying with you note you are dealing with an online scammer

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wire scam is a scam where you steal money which is not your own from a country bank and you transfer it to a bank in another country example of wire scam is transferring money from USA To UK, this is being done by hackers with their special tools, so to avoid that please keep your Bank details safe to share your bank details to anybody online.


credit card scam have been in existence since the invention of credit card so some people now use the details writing on the body of the card to pull the money in your account and transfer it to another account or another bank, to avoid that I will advice you to keep your credit card out of sight of anybody, don’t let anybody see your atm card dy can snap it and send it to their hackers to pull the money in your account so be careful with your card.


internet scams in nigeria
This type of internet scam is related to dating but in for of extortion so be careful you are chatting with a real person demand video calls before you proceed to any thing.


This is the most popular internet scams in nigeria where the again will lie to you give you false document claiming that he or she will secure your visa to abroad and give you particular time you visa will be out just for you to pay him or her and once you pay the huge sum of money he or she will Dissapear or travel to another country and continue his scamming job so be careful of you want to travel use a reputable traveling agency to avoid scam


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This is not only done in Nigeria but the world at large but is one of the top internet scams in nigeria where the setup fake crypto currency website just for you to invest or send you crypto currency to a fake account at the end they will crash the site and all the crypto currency is gone.


talking about internet scams in nigerian money investment scam is one of them they do it using whatapp group or Facebook if you are in Nigeria you will understand what I mean, pay 10k to get 20k, 30k to get 60k, 100k to get 200k, within 24hrs please avoid those people for your own good it’s pure scam.


Job offer internet scams in Nigeria This is usually done to buy Nigerians to Nigeria living in Nigeria looking for a job abroad they will tell you to pay certain amount of money so that you will get a job for you in the UK, Dubai, USA, my brother run for your life it’s a pure scam even if it’s your own family member be it your brother or sister, please be sure, because they are thousands of jobless people in those country, please be careful to avoid being duped.


This online shopping scam is related to credit card scam online. Because people normally hide their credit card to avoid fraud because somebody can pull all your funds in your account with just the details on your atm card, so these scammers have a means of collecting atm details online let discuss, they will setup a fake shopping page site like jumia, konga , etc with cheap products to attract you to put your card details, so you see you have to be careful before you pay online cheak how authentic the site is before you make any payment. This is one of the top internet scams in nigeria people usually fall for it most times.

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this is a type of internet scam that they will call you and tell you that you have gift cheque of 100,000$ but you need 10,000$ to clear it and receive the money, my dear if you pay that money you have been scammed so avoid those offer that are good to be true this cam is not usually done in Nigeria because in Nigeria nobody can fall for money scam only white people fall for that.


this scam is a well known type of internet scams in nigeria,  this type of internet scams in nigeria is where they will call you and demand you Bank verification number (BVN) telling you that you account has problem then they will use it to pull money from your account,please be careful no bank will demand your bvn online or through call they will only demand it inside the bank while resolving an issue for you.

I have written types of internet scams in nigeria and how to avoid them, so if you like my blog keep visiting subscribe to our web notification by click SUBSCRIBE and ALLOW, keep visiting thank you and God bless.

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