Reasons Why You should Never Buy IPhone From Alixpress

I should advice you guys not to buy I phone from Aliexpress because I recently bought iPhone 6 from aliexpress is not upto 1week the finger print button stopped working.

during this period I purchased another one for my friend after I have repaired my own is not upto two week my friend his own spoilt too this time it was the screen and the the touch id.


  1. Their iphones always have one problem or the other
  2. They are not factory fixed
  3. They coupled them their selves
  4.  Its not Brand new
  5.  Its Used phones
  6. Their Carry Come Screens are not Original They put OEM
  7. Back Casins aren’t original too. They will peel off earlier


OEM screens are Copy screens,,, Screens that their quality are inferior to the original.

Screens that u have to increase the Brightness before it shines very well.. But If its original one,,  it will still be shining very well when u increase it in the middle.

OEM screens can affect the Camera, when u open the camera its not gonna be sharp because the screen lacks a good Quality Liquid Crystal Display

Is not that the iPhone is not good but Just that Those their used Iphones are prone to develop problem at any time because they are already used for years in their country before they now refurbished it with new casin and others.

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