How To Fix And Resolve Faild Id Verification In In Google AdSense

How to Resolve Faid ID Verification In In Google AdSense

This tutorial is how to Resolve Faild ID Verification in adsense . So Welcome readers so today you guys will be learn how to fix the issue which most blogger are complain of and most blogger sell this information for a piece of cash but today am going to let the cat out of the bag.

Ok so let me explain falling Google id verification is a process where by the chances giving to you to upload id card you have exceeded your limit and many blogger have failed too much that why I wrote the article on how to RUN ID CARD VERIFICATION ONCE ON ADSENSE AND GET APROVED ONCE AND WITHIN 10MUNITES.
So you have to be careful while uploading id card in your AdSense account because many blogger have lost countless account because of this issue, because when  they were new in the id card verification this issue even stopped some bloggers from pushing forward. So many of them don’t know how to Resolve Faild ID Verification in google adsense.
 because many blogger here their source of earning is only AdSense so when they fail id verification and ads stop showing on your blog my dear I tell you it will push your spirit down if it’s the only source of your income but with this tutorial I will be giving you guys steps on how to fix to Resolve Faild ID Verification
How To Resolve Faild ID Verification
Follow the screenshot
To Resolve Faild ID Verification issue which is simple all you have to do is sign in your Google AdSense click on
Resolve Faild ID Verification


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Resolve Faild ID Verification



Resolve Faild ID Verification







select I don’t need this profile anymore.


after you are done  congratulations you have rested your ads,  then goto your ads wait for some minutes and  fill your payment address but NOTE all your earnings will clear both BALANCED and ESTIMATED.
Then after filling your payment adress you have to wait for some hours before they will send you notification to you to verify your identity that means you should upload id card.
 But you should be careful this time because if you upload it wrongly again it will lead to faild id which means your earnings will clear again.
that’s why I wrote a article on how to run id card verification on AdSense and get aproved in 10munites, because many people have requested this this tutorial, and have been disturbing me on my email, so. I decided to. drop it for free on this my website.
Question And Answer On this Article
Q.  Sir please I have failed id verification I don’t know if I reset my ads and fix it will they require another 10$ threshold before I can upload id card. 
A. looking at your question bro I clearly understand you but once you have passed 10$ in AdSense you have passed it you don’t need to Cross another 10$ for you to upload your id card when  you fix your faild id verification. 
Q.  sir I have followed the tutorial and the link for uploading id card is not coming up. 
A.  you have to wait for 2-3hours it will surely come up. 
so my lovely reader’s I have posted your tutorial you demand on how Resolve Faild ID Verification for so I will like you to take some seconds to like our Facebook page and share this post. thanks for coming and God bless you.


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