The Best and Top 25 Scholarship Websites In The World 2020

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The Best and Top 25 Scholarship Websites In The World 2020.

Education needs funding and funding is hard to get. Scholarships play a very important role when it comes to allowing funding your education. But sometimes, these scholarships are hard also to find. So you will need to have a list of top scholarship providers and best scholarship portals to find scholarships for all students.

Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

With this guide, finding scholarships will be made as easy as picking up your cell phone and searching in Google. It used to be more difficult to find scholarships but thanks to the internet, students can find scholarships fairly easily.

There are many websites that will allow you to search a database of scholarships according to a variety of factors such as degree, race, religion, gender, special interests, and plenty of others.

Below, you will find the best scholarship websites online today. Within each, you will find easy access to millions of scholarship dollars to help fund your education. Start your search with one of these databases and you’re sure to find money to fund your college education in no time.

This post is designed to provide easy access to Scholarship Portals in various Locations of the World.

There are a variety of other important things we will look at before we access the list of Scholarship Website portals.

We will find out what is a scholarship portal, the different types of scholarships available.

Some of the content on this page has been syndicated from other sites such as WORLDSCHOLARSHIP FUROM.

Different Kinds Of Scholarships

Here we have outlined the various kind of scholarships for you and how you can choose the one that best suits you. See them below.

Merit-Based Scholarships. If you’ve been a super student throughout high school and achieved high marks in your classes, you may be eligible for a merit-based scholarship. All schools want smart, hard-working students, and they’ll give you a scholarship if you’re one of them.

Student-Specific Scholarships. Organizations offer scholarships based on personal characteristics–gender, race, family, medical history and other student-specific factors. The most common factor in student-specific scholarships is ethnicity.

destination-specific Scholarships. It’s not uncommon for organizations to grant scholarships based on where you study. Once you’ve narrowed your list of locations down, start looking for scholarships specifically for that destination.

Subject-Specific Scholarships. Schools sometimes grant scholarships based on your enrollment in certain subjects. If there’s something you’re interested in studying during your study abroad experience, find out if your chosen school offers scholarships to study it.

Program-Specific Scholarships. This type of scholarship is closely related to subject-specific scholarships, inasmuch as schools are looking to fill specific programs that encompass a specific group of core classes.

What Is A Scholarship Portal?

A Scholarship Portal is a specially designed website that provides Scholarship, Fellowship, Grants, and Competition opportunities Information to the Targeted Audience. This Scholarship Portal comes in the form of Search Engines, Knowledge Base System. Forums and Blogs.

Why You Need These Scholarships

You will agree with me that information is detailed when it is coming from a portal that is covering the region to which the Scholarship is offered. We are bringing to you Scholarship Portals in the UK, Scholarship Portals in the USA, Scholarship Portals in Nigeria, Scholarship Portals in Canada, Scholarship Portals in Australia, Scholarship Portals in Developing Countries.

Without much ado, scroll down below to see the best Scholarship Websites and portal to get daily scholarship information below. These sites are arranged in no particular order.

Studydriller is an academic website that focuses on providing proven academic news to students and aspirants, examination guide, career guide, job opportunities, and listed scholarships. Studydriller has been around for a year now and still getting strong with over 10000 articles so far.

Studyriller has a daily list of over 25 scholarships every day. There are scholarships for Nigerians, scholarships for undergraduates, scholarships for masters’ students, scholarships for Ph.D. students, grants, loan assessment, research grants, award, contest, competitions, scholarships by course of study, scholarship by country, scholarship by an institution, etc.

Visit studydriller scholarship page.

World Scholarship Forum

The Website is aimed at providing quality information for students to Study Abroad for Free. is run with the help of International Students from various countries.

They are in over 140 Countries of the World, assisting students to get scholarships, study in the best schools and also, get Internships fit for their career. As a student, the World Scholarship Forum is the best website where you will get Educational and Students Tips.

Visit our homepage at for more information.

Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites was originally founded in 1999, and now boats more than 2.7 million scholarships with a total value of more than $19 billion in value since its launch within its record database. Using is simple and free and only requires a few minutes to get started. Listings are updated regularly and consistently every few months to help with informing students of the latest scholarships that are available to them that may be of interest.

Visit the is a service that not only works to develop applications and web-based events, but it also provides an entire search for students who are interested in seeking out updates and newly-promoted scholarships nationwide. The database is updated monthly at, giving students new scholarships to review and to vote on once becoming a member of the site themselves. The site itself has a licensing agreement to aggregate new information and content related to scholarships which are currently being offered in specific states, nationwide and even internationally through the Wintergreen Orchard House company.

Weekly, a town on the web invites members to participate in various chats, ask opinions and opinions. The student who gets the vote within weeks worthiness of period is given anywhere from $3000 to $5000 in scholarship money for your sort of instruction of the choice, making a superior area for students seeking student opportunities in the home.


Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

FastWeb was originally founded and launched more than 15 years ago, and currently boasts more than 1.5 million scholarships and $3.4 billion in their database altogether over the years of providing scholarships to students nationwide. The site itself claims to have helped and assisted more than 50 students altogether with finding scholarships and applying for them.

One thing that sets Fastweb apart from its competitors is that they provide scholarship tips, career advice, financial aid information and resources, and a college search tool. This is truly an all-in-one site for paying for college.

The Fastweb scholarship database is updated every 24 hours or less, making it the most thorough and up-to-date scholarship search website. Once registered, users can choose to be notified, via email, of new or possible scholarship opportunities.

FastWeb is one of the best online scholarship tools and services to use when browsing for and applying for any scholarships you have in mind for yourself and future you desire for yourself after graduation. Using FastWeb is possible daily, as their databases are updated at least every 24 hours, making them the most updated scholarship search engine available to use to date and also setting them apart from all competitors who are currently on the market today. Once you register for an account with with your own email address, you will then receive notifications of new scholarships that have been discovered by daily that also meet your educational goals and criteria when seeking scholarships to apply for yourself.

Visit Fastweb Official Page.

Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites is one of the most well-known online resources for finding out more information regarding scholarships and financial aid you are qualified to receive based on your income, age as well as your previous education schooling you have completed.

Although there is not currently a live search to find various scholarships that you are qualified for or that you may be interested in pursuing yourself, it is possible to seek out additional information regarding the authenticity of scholarships being offered and how to determine whether an opportunity is credible and legitimate before applying and submitting your own personal information.

Learning about various possible scholarship scams in addition to the taxation obligations you will face with various scholarships available now can be feasible by means of can be also a wonderful resource to locate extra details regarding rescuing with prepaid expenses plans in addition to many different savings account and plans accessible loan businesses and student programs for students now.

Becoming educated on the full procedure for obtaining and becoming approved of monetary assistance can be potential when surfing, providing each the free resources necessary that you make certain you’re after all the ideal actions and procedures to find the educational funding for the instruction you would like. It is also possible to discover more about military benefits and aid by means of

Visit FinAid webpage

The College Board

Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

The official College Board was founded originally in 1900, making it one of the oldest educational-based organizations still in existence and thriving today. However, today, The College Board has transformed into a massive database of more than $3 billion worth of various scholarships that are available and that have been awarded to students around the world.

New scholarships have been added into the faculty Board’s database yearly, even though some changes and edits which will need to be designed to current scholarships recorded are done monthly to make certain students have proper usage of scholarship advice available. It’s also likely to get a whole publication of varied scholarships and chances available towards you with the utilization of this College Board.

Employing the published edition of the School Board is recommended if you would rather researching a variety of scholarships you’ve got an interest in more detailed prior to making the choice, letting you accomplish this even if you’re not now on the web or equipped to get into the world wide web.

Visit Collegeboard

Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites is another free online searching database available to compare different scholarships available and relevant to your own plan and path in education personally. Using is free and only requires a few minutes to register to become a member. The site itself claims to have helped more than 1 million students altogether to find scholarships and opportunities to help them with affording and attending the college of their choice.

Even though using, it’s crucial that you manually opt-out of sharing with your information and private data along with different programs and third parties via email or simply by asking that your information is stored individually by sending a handwritten or typed a letter.

Once you feel an associate of, your information might be distributed to other programs and educational institutions which are presently offering scholarships in their own.

Visit Scholarship Monkey


Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

Zinch is one of the most recent resources available online to help with comparing different scholarships available in all fields and industries today. Using Zinch is free and easy, as the service has provided more than 5000 different scholarships worth more than $1 billion altogether. Zinch has one of the most updated and visually-intuitive platforms for students to begin searching for and comparing different types of scholarships available today.

Zinch has just one of their very modernized and visually-intuitive platforms for students to start looking for and comparing various kinds of scholarships available now.

Once you enroll to be member of Zinch and you’ve verified your current email address, then you are able to start to navigate for scholarships which are most relevant for you according to your existing status for students and if you want to know more about a conventional faculty scholarship or in the event that you’re trying to find a vocational scholarship and sometimes possibly a scholarship that will allow one to wait for the graduate school of your decision.

Zinch additionally gives users the capability to include their zip code in addition to their cumulative GPA in high school to discover scholarships which are most coordinated and acceptable to every member who’s enrolled to eventually become part of the internet community.

As soon as you’ve looked for your scholarships which are related for you as well as your very own educational qualifications and GPA, then after that, you can examine deadlines in addition to submission requirements before employing for someone of those scholarships which are accessible to pick out of your own.

Visit the official website


Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

SallieMae is no longer only known for providing various loans for houses and students, but it has also become a resource directory for seeking out new scholarships that are potentially appealing to you and relevant to any career or position you want to fill yourself once you graduate. SallieMae has shared more than $18 billion worth in scholarships with millions of students since it began providing resources and opportunities to online users and students nationwide.

Visit the official Site


Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

Peterson’s helps students and prospective students for their perfect scholarship(s) through over 5 thousand scholarship providers. This scholarship website provides $10 billion in scholarships, grants, fellowships, prizes & forgivable loans.

Peterson’s provides a simple interface with tools, tips, filters, and a short survey that will tie scholarships to your background, life experience and more.

Peterson’s offers access to a few undergraduate scholarships that are over $100,000 each. At the graduate level, Peterson’s offers over 82 scholarships over $25,000 each. The highest scholarship being offered by Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowship at $200,000 per awardee.

Visit the official website.


Unigo sets itself apart from the rest of the online scholarships websites. Their robust platform offers plenty beyond scholarships, including jobs, internships, college rankings and profiles, and more.

This site provides around 3.6 million scholarships totaling over $14 billion in awards. Unigo offers personalized results to offer you the best opportunities.

Unigo’s list of scholarships, awards, and grants can “give you fun, unusual, academic, need-based, student-specific, career, and even more types of scholarships.”

One of EDsmart’s favorite scholarships on this site is the $2,000 Zombie Apocolypse scholarship. All they require is a student’s “plan to avoid the zombies, where you would hide (or maybe you don’t need to), and the top five things you would bring to stay alive.”

Visit the official site


Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

Cappex is a free service that claims to provide “More Than $11 Billion in Scholarships.” Registering can be tricky but well worth it once you’re signed up. The registration process helps to narrow down the best awards for you. Make sure to fill out as much as possible. The more information you provide about your college plans, the better your scholarship results will be.

Registrants get total access to college scholarships, college reviews, and tuition and admissions-related information.

This site offers its “What Are My Chances” tool, which calculates your odds of getting into certain colleges before you apply. They also provide a college comparison tool that allows you to add personal notes and rankings. Another helpful tool is the Cappex College Fit Meter which will instantly show you whether or not a college you’re interested in will be right for you.

Visit the official site


This website offers its services to international students for searching scholarships in various parts of the world. It is specifically for students from developing countries who wish to pursue their studies abroad. However, it also has scholarships for all other international graduates as well.
The organization offers scholarships in various fields and levels. You can search for scholarships by country, level, subject and other criteria.


IEFA is a site owned by Envisage International Corporation (EIC). It is a center for international education and cultural exchange. The site holds vast information on study abroad scholarships and offers loans to students.
It features an easy to use scholarship search format to aid students in funding their education abroad.
You can search for a multitude of grants, loans, scholarships and even competitions and programs abroad. IEFA has verified loan providers and provides access to different funding options. Once you find the right scholarship, you can apply for it by creating an account on IEFA.

Scholarship Portal

An easy to use platform that allows users to browse through scholarships by countries and levels. It hosts scholarships for bachelors, masters and PHD degrees. The website notifies users of any fellowship or grant announced and offers tips regarding studying abroad.
You can choose a destination and then browse through the scholarship opportunities each country has to offer.

Scholarship Positions

A platform dedicated to students who are looking for opportunities to study abroad. This website allows students to search for scholarships. It also helps them in the application process with tips and guidance.
They provide students with resources such as study guides, college application procedure and guidance on entry tests to help students gain admission in good universities.
The platform also helps international students with their visa application process. You can create an account on their website to apply for the opportunities. It’s easy to seek help from their team for your study abroad journey.

International Scholarships

A site for scholarships all over the world, ranging from college grants to award grants and fellowships. You can search any particular scholarship or fellowship based on country or field.
The platform allows you to enter your country of origin to help you find any scholarship. International scholarships have also partnered with loan programs of different colleges in U.S. They allow students who aim to study in U.S universities to register for loan schemes to easily fund their tuition.

DAAD Scholarships

A Germany based scholarship website that aims to encourage cultural exchange in Germany. DAAD offers international students the opportunity to study in Germany. You can avail their different scholarship awards for masters and doctoral levels in a number of universities across Germany.
The website also allows you to browse all the related information regarding studying in Germany. It helps you in choosing your university, finding a scholarship, accommodation and also information regarding visa application and procedure for Germany.
It gives advice regarding work in Germany and the general life there. You can find all the information for your educational journey in Germany.

Go Abroad

Go abroad gives you the opportunity to travel the world and you don’t necessarily have to be a student for that. The aim of this website is to make traveling abroad easy and less costly for everyone.
Go abroad offers scholarships and funding for volunteers, students, interns and anyone seeking an adventure abroad. You can search their resources based on your interest and country. You can add them to your Go abroad account to apply to as many opportunities as you like.
The company has listed verified, legitimate partners who offer legitimate travel programs and scholarships. You can check the list of all the providers on their website.

Diversity Abroad

An organization with the aim to encourage diversity among students studying abroad. They encourage minority students and other under-represented students through scholarships and other opportunities. Diversity abroad has numerous scholarships and fellowships to go abroad.
Whether you’re a student or a professional, you can apply to opportunities offered by the organization. The organization offers degree scholarships, fellowships, intern opportunities and even the opportunity to teach abroad.
The team at diversity abroad offers advice regarding different programs. You can easily contact them for any queries. You can also register and apply for opportunities suited to you and fund your journey abroad.

Other Important Scholarship Portals and Websites

EPro 360. Epro’s knowledge of the American educational system provides resources and scholarship opportunities for international students who want to study in the United States. Unlike most scholarship services, EPro 360 targets international high school students in addition to college students. Because many universities look to diversify its student population, college scholarships for international students are available. Many of these can be found on

College Week Live. Millions of students use College Week Live to receive expert advice on getting financial aid. College Week Live has tools to help you research and connect with colleges and universities and get expert advice on the financial aid and scholarship process.

Global Scholarships for International Students. In addition to linking international students with scholarships, Global Scholarships for International Students provides information on how to find affordable colleges and universities in the US and specific regions in the US.

Niche. Finding the right scholarship often depends on finding the right niche. That’s the premise behind Niche, which lists scholarships based on your profile, using categories like major, the state you wish to study in, or your nationality.

Syndicated from world scholarship forum

Scholarship portals for International Students

Scholarship Portals in Nigeria

Scholarship Portals in the UK

Scholarship Portals in Australia

Scholarship Portals in Canada

Scholarship Portals for Developing Countries

Scholarship Portals in the USA


With this listing, finding scholarships becomes as easy as searching a term on Google. Goodluck in your academic pursuit. Keep using studydriller for your academic purposes.

If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about The Best and Top 25 Scholarship Websites In The World 2020 kindly provide us your phone number and Email Address in the comment box below. Alsofeel free to ask any question any time.

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