The 21 Little Known Secrets Of Scoring High In JAMB

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The 21 Little Known Secrets Of Scoring High In JAMB.

Secrets Of Scoring High In JAMB…Scoring high in JAMB is not rocket science, but there are some secrets of scoring high in JAMB which you must know. Today, we will be revealing some of those secrets to you. I wrote an earlier article on how to pass jamb in one sitting, which I did note that writing JAMB every year can be very frustrating. Indeed it is a frustrating experience and can really lower your moral. So it is expedient to know how to tackle the next JAMB you are writing if you don’t want to find yourself in the registration center again.

Secrets Of Scoring High In JAMB

Secrets Of Scoring High In JAMB

But how do you go about this, are there any secrets of scoring high in JAMB which you are not aware of? There must be some secret certainly and you must be thinking so. So right here on this article, I will be sharing those secrets of scoring high in JAMB with you. So stay glued to this page.

Here Are My 21 Little Known Secrets Of Scoring High In JAMB

Before you proceed, make sure to read the post how to pass jamb in one sitting.

  1. Register on time:

If you know you are going to write and exam that needs registration, why not registration on time. Procrastination is a thief of time you might have heard. Registering on time will ensure that you have time to do other needful preparation for the exams.

  1. Get the JAMB CBT Practice Software.

Why not get the JAMB CBT Practice Software here and start practicing ahead of time. Practice they say makes perfect. 80% of your preparation should be practical. Practicing every day with the JAMB CBT software will ensure and seal your success.

  1. Practice daily:

Practice makes perfect like I noted earlier. Practice, practice, practice that’s all I have to say. Put in at least 4 hours a day to practice on your CBT software. Practicing this way will make you conversant with the questions.

  1. Have a good phone or laptop.

Having a functional phone and laptop ensures your constant practice on Your CBT practice software. If your phone for instant is the plug and play type, how will you enjoy your practice? Just forget it. You are preparing for failure.

  1. Stay informed and updated.

There is a popular saying that if you are not informed, you will be deformed. What a truth. The deformity might not be physical but you will miss a lot of opportunity-that the deformity. Get to know what is going on concerning your exams. Here on examstuts, we have up to date reporting on JAMB. You can stay glue to the blog to get well informed.

  1. Pray, pray and pray.

Prayer can move mountain they say, and that Is true. Have you consider praying about your forthcoming exams? Prayer will not only work wonders for you, but it will give you faith, assurance and hope. Carrying this three with you to the exams hall will boost your confidence.

  1. Make good use of past questions.

Even though JAMB exam is no longer pencil and paper, pasts questions can still be of immense help. You can utilize this tool to get a wonderful JAMB result this year.

  1. Develop a study plan/schedule

A life that is well and carefully planned cannot escape success. To become successful needs a strategic and well-drawn out plan and this does not exempt the JAMB exam.

  1. Stick to your schedule.

A mind that is set on one thing tends to succeed more. Follow your schedule religiously, don’t deviate. The moment you deviate, everything crumbles.

  1. Set goals.

Setting goals for your JAMB exams will give you clarity on what you want. You can set a goal like “ This Year I will score 300 in the JAMB exams.” You can then break down this gal to see how achievable it is.

  1. Dream big.

Don’t just desire to pass JAMB, Set your mind on a very high score this is what I called dreaming big. Dreaming big is what will make you score high in JAMB.

  1. Be focus.

Like I said earlier, stick to your schedule; you should also be focus concerning what you want. Don’t deviate, right from day one you should set your mind on the big thing, gaze on it until you finally get it.

  1. Time yourself.

You should consider timing yourself when you are practicing. Doing this will give you control over time when you are writing the actual exams.

  1. Don’t be distracted in the exam hall.

What most people cannot deal with distraction and this is a major cause of failure. For some people, any little sound, they stretch their necks. This is unacceptable in the school of success. Learn to get focused and not distracted no matter what in the exam hall.

  1. Give your full concentration to the questions before you.

Let your 99.9% concentration be on the question on the computer screen before you. This will ensure that you pick the correct answers because all your faculties will be fully alert.

  1. Stay away from social media.

Social media will distract you. That’s all I can say.

  1. Cut-tail social activities.

If you are the social and outgoing type that can’t do without socials, you have to know that there is something at stake. And this is the reason you need to give it your 99.9% ATTENTION. Why don’t you use the time to practice more and see the result for yourself?

  1. Get organized.

While in school, one of the things that got me F’s every semester was disorganization. I was so disorganized to the point of forgetting my permit card to examination. It is pertinent that you learn how to put yourself today. If there is any vital thing you need to carry with you to the exams. No matter how intelligent you are, if you can’t put your acts together, you will always fail. This statement is coming from experience.

  1. Eat well.

Don’t be deceived, food has a major role to play in academic success. I won’t stress much on this; you can see the seven types of food you must never take to an examination here.

After you done everything you need to do, don’t forget to rest. Even God rested after creating the universe. Resting will refresh your brain and prepare you for maximal performance.

  1. And Finally, Partner with examstuts.

How do you partner with examstuts and how does that affect your performance in JAMB. You Partner with examstuts when you visit the site daily. With our numerous guides on JAMB, Success is a must.


The above are my top 21 secrets for scoring high in JAMB. What do you think? Are all the points valid? Is there any other way of scoring high in JAMB which you know of?  Kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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