Security Tips for Banks Customers

Security Tips have become crucial for every bank customer as Fraudsters are constantly developing antics to steal their hard-earned money.As the COVID 19 pandemic is making Governments across the world to shut down activities to prevent further spread of the virus, it has become pertinent for Banks in Nigeria to come up with viable Security Tips to their esteemed customers as a heads up, being the bank that always puts esteemed Customers first.

Note: You’re on Lockdown but Scammers aren’t!

  • Do not respond to anyone who calls to tell you that Government is giving out money. They are rogues who simply want to take advantage of the current situation.
  • Don’t give them your account number or any account details at all. They are fraudsters.
  • They may even quote one or two digits of your account details which may be accurate; in order to make you believe they are from the bank. All are lies. They are just looking for ways to defraud you.
  • Stay Alert. Fraudsters are constantly developing antics to steal your hard-earned money. Your bank will never call to ask for your account details.


  • Also, do not click on any online link asking for your account details such as your BVN, Personal              Information, ATM Card Number, PIN, or OTP.
  • Don’t reveal your online banking password, token response, or ATM Pin to anyone. Banks will never request for these secret details from you.
  • When they call you, tell them smartness is in your DNA. You are too smart to be tricked. You will see that they will start getting abusive. No problem, maintain your cool, and say I wish you the same.
  • If perchance you let some vital Information slip immediately mail your bank or place a call so that you can help.
  • Report any fraudulent activity