The Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2020 (The Top 10)

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The Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2020 (The Top 10).

Science Students Have Always Been Considered Special and more intelligent in Secondary School (Just my opinion), so science students are always given more preference and attention.

Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria
Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria

This has been so for a very long time. Science courses are more brain tasking and time demanding than their art counterpart.

There are more competitions for science students than art students. For this preference given to science subjects and courses, we have decided to compile this article today on the Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2020.

These Courses have been selected based on a Market survey, the rate of employment, and job satisfaction.

In no particular order and arrangement, listed below are the Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2020.

1.     Medicine and Surgery

It is dubbed the king of science course. Every parent wants their child to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria.  It is a very nice course and rewarding as well. The prestige of carrying the title “doctor” in Nigeria is huge. The Course requires candidates to score very high In the UTME exam. Medical students are well respected in the campus and work is readily available for medical graduates in Nigeria. Medicine and Surgery is highly rewarding and s indeed one of the best courses to study In Nigeria in 2020.

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2.     Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology

Computer science, engineering, and information Technology plus other related IT courses are fast becoming the most popular courses to study now in both Nigeria and abroad. If you want to check out the top ten richest people in the world, 70% are from the IT field. From Jeff Bezos of Amazon to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, IT rules the world. Knowing how to program and code is very essential in today’s world. This put Computer science, engineering, and information Technology on the Top Ten List of Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria.

3.     Pharmacy

Very much related to Medicine and surgery, but only restricted to the production, prescription, and distribution of drugs. Pharmacy is a very demanding course and requires a lot of study and hard work. Pharmacy graduates are readily employed in big industrial and pharmaceutical companies. Studying pharmacy is rewarding and the course as been rated as one of the best science courses to study I Nigeria in 2020.

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4.     Civil Engineering

A very popular Engineering Course. The course deals with the design and construction of buildings and structures. Civil engineers can’t lack jobs in Nigeria because people are erecting buildings and structures every day. A civil engineer can work in a construction company or even the ministry of works in the Federal or State ministry.


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5.     Medical Lab Science

This course goes by different names in different schools. Medical lab scientists work in laboratories in hospitals and industries. Lab Scientists are responsible for chemical analysis in laboratories. The course covers the following areas: bacteriological diagnostic, chemical, cytopathological, hematological, histopathological, immunologic, and microscopic analyses on body fluids and tissues.

6.     Nursing

Nursing developed from Florence Nightingale and has since then become an established medical science course. It is the most popular medical course after medicine and surgery. Nurses are well respected in the society and the profession is often portrayed as a feminine profession. Nurses are well paid both in Nigeria and abroad. The United State of America nursing is the highest-paid Job. Indeed studying Nursing can be rewarding and it is regarded as one of the Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria.

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7.     Geology

Geologist Study and Excavate the earth to understand it. Geology students study the earth’s crust as well as the effect of earth metals, minerals, oil, natural gas and water, and methods to extract them. The Course is not Very Popular in Nigeria, but there is currently an increase in awareness of the course. Geology graduates are needed in oil companies.

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8.     Architecture

Architecture borders on the designs of buildings. Architects study how to design buildings and structures. The course is very tasking and rewarding as well. The prestige that comes with the title of being addressed as an architect is something to be coveted. Architects just like civil engineers can’t lack jobs as they can practice their craft on their own without being employed by any company on the firm.

9.     Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

With petroleum remaining the mainstay of the Nigerian Economy, chemical and petroleum engineering remain a very important course in the Nigerian universities and polytechnics. Until petroleum is depleted and maybe focus is shifted from this natural resource, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering will continue to be among the Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria in 2020.

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10.Agricultural Science

There is increasing awareness in Agriculture in Nigeria. With the current pandemic and its effect ravaging the world, Agriculture we have come to discover is an indispensable source of economic stability. Deciding to study and major in Agriculture is a great step to take as they will be more than enough jobs for agriculture graduate in the nearest future.

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In Conclusion

These are not the only good courses, there are tens of others, but these are the best ten as picked by our team. And the probability of getting a job after graduation is high. If you think you have the capacity, go for any of them.

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