How To Open A Successful Video Gaming Business Center In Nigeria


  1.  video game business center in Nigeria is a place where all types or varieties of games are played in exchange for money. gaming can be classified ranging from football soccer games, basketball ball games, wrestling games, racing games, etc. But most individuals usually play football soccers games more because of it’s more fun  and its popularity worldwide.

so Since 1947, video games had survived the tests of time to for it to become part of day to day life. In fact, many people around the world most especially teenagers can’t do without it.

Playing of Videos games are usually indoor activitiy, requiring a  top level of structure. A couple of appliances will be needed to be put together to constitute a gaming environment.

I will be highlighting them now so. we say game center, what is a game center

Game center: The place where the game appliances are  been set up and prepared for play in exchange for money. This is one important aspects of game stations. A Game center with a good location will definitely results in high patronage, therefore, make sure you get a very good location where people who are game oriented could easily access you.

so Its ability to get people addicted has created massive business opportunity in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Sincerely Speaking Halls that was established as computer video game business centers can vividly  testify  to the fact that it is a viable and legit means of livelihood so far you don’t encourage gambling in your business center.

So many of my readers have been disturbing me on how to go about the start of a video game business in Nigeria

Things You Need To Start A Video Gaming Business.

1.Video Game consoles

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First and foremost before you start any gaming business the game controller and console is the most important thing example of them. are the PLAY STATION, XBOX1,XBOX 360,FIRE TV, NINTENDO DS, NINTENDO 3DS, but as a starter I will advise you to go for the play station like ps2 and ps3 if have fund for ps3.

So looking at Xbox those ones are more costly so as I said as a starter you should use Play station so when start seeing massive income you can add Xbox to your list of game collections.

A fairly used Aka second hand PlayStation 2 is about ₦7,000 – ₦10,000, while the brand new one goes for ₦20,000.  While A fairly used Ps3 30,000 while new one’s goes for 80,000naira upwards

And Now You can Start your gaming business with two PlayStation video games, as your business begins to get enough income as I stated earlier you can now buy more PlayStation and add to your business.

2.Coloured Television

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having a colorful tv (led, plasma,lcd) with nice graphics, such as LG, HIESENSE, POLYSTER, etc. can make your gaming business a top notch

A neatly used led tv in Nigeria goes for 25k while new ones goes for 35k to 45k 32inches up, depending on the quality and company because most times LG products are costly because of the display,

3.Electricity, Solar Or Generator sets

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before you embark on gaming business you must know that power will be the most important thing you will need. if you in the area where there is costant light you will not bother about generator but if you in tbe are where their is no light you need to buy generator.

buying a brand new medium generator from store or jumia(not small) cost ₦35,000-65,000 while the fairly used goes for ₦20,000 – ₦25,000. I’ll advise you don’t use small generator if you run a large multiple video game sets, as the power supply will be poor. but You can only use small generator if you run just one video game set and one plasma tv in your gaming centre

4.Tv stand Chairs and table sets

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is a normal routine every where u can’t keep your vistor or customer standing, so you need to buy chairs and table stand, you have to buy more of chairs because people have to. wait for other on the game to finish so that they can pay to play their game.

A new plastic chair goes for 2,500 or 2,000 naira so, while the costly one  goes for 5,00 – 15,000 naira, then new tv stand woden one goes for 15,000 –  20,000 but you can meet your carpenter you and him will discuss price and you will pay it will be more cheaper that way, so with time if your business begins to grow you can start buying expensive one to make your space look more fancy.

5.Air Regulators (Air Condition,Standing Fans or Ceiling Fans) 

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this one is more important because no body wants be be in a hot place or non conducive environment, so as far as your customer stay in a condusive environment note it will make them to pay to play more which can boast your revenue. so if your business start kicking out in a good way you can upgrade to Air condition because their is a very big difference between fan and AC.  take note.

So A brand new  normal 16 inches standing fan On jumia or any online shop or or local store goes for ₦6,000 – ₦7,000 depending on the manufactured company.

While Ox 26inch heavy Industrial Standing Fan goes for ₦22,500

And  brand new ceiling fan goes for ₦5,000 – ₦7,000 depending on the size of the fan and blade and the manufactured company.

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See currently now no big business example all these big company they started with advertising both ofline(bill board advertisement or posters) and online( google AdWords, Facebook ads, sponsored advert) so my dear you need to advertise even if it’s around your side your location to bring people

so A bill board poster goes for 20-30k depends on the size you want, so start from getting your audience from your environment it’s is very important for your business growth.

Things You Should Consider Doing Before Starting Up A Gaming Business.


before you star you gaming center you need to look out for a good location that will play an important role in boosting your revenue.

Restrict Under 18years.

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this is very important now because and 18years old adult have started working but under age one they are addicted they may start stealing money to said their urge, but once you are above 18  years you will plan your self, so it’s better you restrict under 18 in your gaming center.

Disallow Gambling.

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never encourage betting or gambling(lose and pay) of any type to avoid nuisance and police arrest, so can boldly print NO. BETTING OR GAMBLING OF ANY TYPE.

Register Your Business.

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Of course all business both big and small  are beign registered in Nigeria under the the body of  Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in other  to avoid unnecessary harassment from police or the head authorities.

The following informations are highly required to completely register your business in Nigeria includes:

Your Approved Name of the Business
The Nature of the Business
Your Address of the Business
The Name, Address, Occupation and other details of the Proprietors of the Business
The Signature of the Proprietors

How Much You Could Earn While Running A Game Center.

so I have a friend who have a gaming enter in Lagos a very big one but he started from a low background, I mean he started small, then I asked him how much do you make daily, he said he make from ₦1000₦3000 per hour because he has 8 sets of the video gaming console and the earnings varies a little because he said there always an increase of earnings during weekend. so you can imagine how much he is making in a whole full day.

So he further explained the most of his customer goes for soccer game( FIFA or PES) followed by mission games (GTA, TOMB RAIDER, MISSING IMPOSSIBLE, ETC) and as for. soccer he make 100₦  per 10minis that two people on a set 50₦ each person, but as for missing game you pay 500₦ for 30minis.

Now let us do the calculations to know how much he generate per hour on his gaming center.

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He say He charges ₦50 per gaming session, thats for 10 minutes only.

And he has 8 sets of video games in his store.
Calculations Per Single Player.
Per person he charges ₦50
Per session is 10 minutes
60 minutes makes an hour
So Now How many 10 minutes makes 1 hour? The answer is 6.
60 minutes ÷10 minutes = 6
₦50 × 8 = N400
Which means he makes N400 per hour from each video game.

So let’s do the Calculations Per Double Player.
He earns N100 per double player ever 10minis

₦100 × 8 = ₦800
that means he makes ₦800 per hr from each of his video games.

Remember he has 8 sets of video games.
Let’s do the calculations
₦50 × 8 Sets of the  video games = ₦400
Now He’ll earn ₦400 from each sets of video games, per his single player.

₦100 × 8 Sets of the video games = ₦800
So He’ll earn ₦800 from each sets of video games per double player.

So my dear Let’s Calculate How Much He will be Making From His Four Sets Of Video Games Per Hour

games per single players.
₦200 × 8 = ₦1,600
So this Which means he earns ₦1,600 per hour from his four sets of video

games per double player
₦400 × 8= ₦3,200
Which means he earns Around ₦3,200 per hour from his 8 sets of video

So my dear I will advise you as a young Entrepreneur you want to to start-up something and you have capital gaming business is an untapped business idea only few people have ventured into it you will see will time once you gain enough popularity your income begins to double I mean real doubling because people use to play higher amount of sets during weekends.

And funny thing about this business is that somebody will have PlayStation in his house but will prefer to come to a gaming center to Spend compete with his fellow mates. so that’s it the urge to see who you can trash in the gaming center and you can earn the best there.

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