Akwa Poly SUG Election Timetable is out

The Electoral Board announces the Time Table for the Forthcoming Elections as follows:


1. Friday 15th – Thursday 28th March, 2024

(i) Sales/Returns of Nomination Forms

(ii) Collection of E-Voting Codes by Students @ Dean, Students’ Affairs Office

Akwa Poly SUG Election Timetable is out

2. Tuesday 2nd – Wednesday 3rd April, 2024

Security Screening for Aspirants

3. Wednesday 3rd – Thursday 4th April, 2024

(i) Publication of names of cleared Candidates / Meeting of all Candidates with the Electoral Board.

(ii) Seminar on E-Voting for all Students / Presentation of Manifesto by the Presidential Candidates only.

4. Friday 5th April, 2024



1. That all aspirants must be a student of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic

2. Purchase of forms is NON-REFUNDABLE

3. The president shall have a minimum C.G.P.A of 3.20 (Candidate must be an HNDII Student).

4. The Vice President and Secretary-General must have a minimum C.G.P.A of 3.00 (Candidate must be an HNDII Student).

5. Other offices are open to students of both NDII & HNDII with a minimum CGPA of 2.70.

6. Both ND I /HND I Students are eligible to vote and NOT BE VOTED FOR.

7. There shall be a Re-run election (Within 7 days) for candidates having the same number of votes.

8. The results of the election will be announced by the Returning Officer.

9. Gross misconduct or insubordination will not be tolerated during and after the election.

10. All aspirants must return their nomination form with a photocopy of his/her document namely:

(a) Current Admission Letter

(b) Current Departmental Fee Receipt

(c) Current School Fee Receipt

(d) Current School ID Card

(e) Certificate of Origin

(f) 2 File Jacket

(g) Current Hostel Accommodation Receipt

(h) 2 Colored passport Photograph

11. All the members of the Executive Council shall upon Assumption of Office COMPULSORILY reside within the Polytechnic Campus (Community)

N/B: All Aspirants should contact the Students’ Affairs Division for the purchase of Nomination Forms

All Candidates should abide by the Electoral Guidelines Governing the Election and the Students’ Union Government Constitution.



Electoral Board

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