10 Disadvantages of Studying in Canada for International Students

Why not to study in Canada for international students? What is the reality for international students in Canada? Does it really worth it? Canada hosts many international students every year, but any international student going to Canada must take the pros and cons of Canada as a country into consideration.

Sometimes, the best option for students is to study abroad. Nevertheless, for any international student going to another country to succeed in that country, he must research that country very well.

This will enable him to know whether to take an alternative course or not. In this article, we shall look closely at the disadvantages of studying in Canada as an international student. Such disadvantages include:

  • Educational cost
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Admission requirements
  • Climatic change
  • Accommodation cost
  • Foreign exchange
  • Deposit
  • Educational system
  • Health insurance
  • Study permit

Reasons International Students Should not Study in Canada

1. Educational Cost

International students should not go to Canada to study because the cost of education in Canada is higher than in other countries. Yet, the quality of education there is not higher than the ones of other countries.

Before Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will allow you to come to Canada to study as an international student, you must prove that you have at least $10,000 in your account. Not only that, Canadian universities also charge per credit hours of study whereas other countries charge per term or semester.

2. Cultural Adjustment

Canadian culture is quite different from other cultures around the world. Going to Canada to study as an international student, therefore, requires a heavy cultural adjustment that most international students will find difficult.

One notable aspect of different Canadian culture is food. The type of food that Canadians eat is quite different from the food that others eat elsewhere. Another thing is the interaction and social life of the Canadians, which are different from what most international students are used to in their home countries. Thus, cultural difference is a disadvantage in going to Canada to study.

3. Admission Requirements

Admission requirements to Canadian universities are tighter than what other countries require from international students. One thing should be clear to all international students going to Canada to study. That is the fact that the only official languages in Canada are English and French.

For this reason, Canadian universities will require proof of English language proficiency from any international student going there to study. Yet, by the time the Canadians turn to the French language, such international students will feel isolated. This is a disadvantage in going to Canada to study.

4. Climatic Change

Canadian climate is quite different from what most international students are used to in their home countries. International students who come from tropical countries will feel intimidated to see Canadian temperatures drop to -30°C.

By the time, they begin to experience the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall that are inherent in Canada instead of the two dry and wet seasons that they are used to in their home countries, they will be exposed to climatic problems that they will find difficult to solve. This is why it is not good for international students to go to Canada to study.

5. Accommodation Cost

Accommodation cost is another reason international students should not go to Canada to study. Most universities in Canada will demand that international students be in their dormitories with fixed meal plans that will contribute highly to their accommodation costs.

All international students going to Canada to study should note that Canadian property owners find it difficult to rent their houses to international students.

They would rather rent their houses to Canadian citizens rather than to international students. For these reasons, international students going to Canada to study will always face accommodation problems.

6. Foreign Exchange

The fact that Canadian universities will demand that their tuition fees be paid in the Canadian dollar will expose many international students to foreign exchange problems. Most international students will find it difficult to get Canadian dollars in their home countries. In this way, foreign exchange is a disadvantage for international students going to Canada to study.

7. Deposit

One unfair treatment that international students receive from Canadian universities is that they will require all international students to pay a non-refundable deposit to them before admitting them. This non-refundable deposit is only applicable to international students whereas Canadian citizens are exempted. This is unfair to international students in Canada.

8. Educational System

The educational system of Canadian universities is quite different from other countries. Their educational system is such that international students are unable to cope with their educational pursuits. Not only is the system tiresome but also stressful for all international students.

Moreover, international education experts criticize Canada for lacking technical expertise in its educational system. Thus, many international students who have gone to Canada for their education have always testified to their needs not being met.

Recall that Canada is always lacking a workforce because it is unable to train people who can work for it. Therefore, no international student should go to Canada for his university education.

9. Health Insurance

Most universities in Canada have health insurance policies that are tedious for international students. The cost of health care in Canada is one thing that is discouraging for international students. To worsen the situation, international students may not have access to health care when they need to.

A situation where an international student may have to take care of himself outside Canada is what no international student can cope with. Thus, any international student going to Canada to study should be ready to face any health challenge that might arise during his stay in Canada. Thus, health issues are a reason for international students not to go to Canada to study.

10. Study Permit

One disadvantage of studying in Canada for international students is the process of study permits. No matter the qualifications that any international student may have, if his studies in any Canadian university will take him more than six months, he needs a study permit from Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before any Canadian university will register him.

Before any international student can successfully go through the process of getting such a permit, he has to consult with an immigration lawyer, which is a difficult thing for any international student seeking a study permit.

In other countries, an international student can easily go to the embassy in his home country and obtain a student visa. In the case of Canada, the reverse is true.

Final Words

Studying overseas is the dream of many international students. However, going to study in Canada comes with many disadvantages for all international students. Thus, any international student going to Canada must look very well before he leaps. The disadvantages might outweigh the advantages of such a venture.

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