Top 10 Most Popular Offshore Accident Lawyers in the USA

Most Popular Offshore Accident Lawyers: Offshore accidents can be devastating events resulting in severe injuries and even death for workers. When these tragic incidents occur, injured offshore workers and their families often turn to experienced maritime lawyers to help them seek compensation and justice.School News Portal

There are many offshore accident law firms across the USA, but only a few maritime attorneys have the reputation, resources and track record of success to take on large offshore companies and win. This article profiles the 10 most popular and accomplished offshore accident lawyers in the USA who have made a name for themselves, representing victims of offshore accidents and securing record-breaking verdicts and settlements on their behalf.

Top 10 Most Popular Offshore Accident Lawyers in the USA

1. Hugh “Skip” Lambert

With over 40 years of maritime law experience, Hugh “Skip” Lambert is regarded as one of the top offshore accident attorneys in the country. He specializes in major offshore injury, wrongful death cases, and class action lawsuits against offshore companies. Lambert founded his firm Lambert Zainey Smith & Soso in New Orleans, which has grown into one of the largest and most successful maritime personal injury law firms in the Gulf Coast region. His firm has secured over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients involved in offshore accidents in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of Lambert’s most notable cases was against ARCO and Southern Natural Gas after the companies’ offshore cryogenic platform exploded in 1989, resulting in injuries and loss of life. As co-lead counsel, Lambert’s key contributions helped prove liability and resulted in a multi-million dollar resolution for victims.

In another major case, Lambert represented whistleblowers against Bechtel and URS in a False Claims Act lawsuit regarding the Hanford nuclear site clean-up project. His work led to a massive $125 million settlement, one of the largest qui tam case resolutions under the federal whistleblower law. Known for his tenacity and willingness to take on big corporations, Lambert has tried hundreds of cases over his long career. He is frequently appointed to plaintiff steering committees for major multidistrict litigation related to offshore accidents.Popular Offshore Accident Lawyers

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2. Jacki Smith

A partner at Lambert Zainey Smith & Soso, Jacki Smith advocates for offshore workers, seamen, divers and others injured in maritime accidents. She represents clients in Jones Act lawsuits, maritime personal injury claims, wrongful death cases and LHWCA claims.

Smith developed a passion for maritime law early in life due to her family’s multi-generational involvement in the offshore industry. Her grandfather was a pioneering diving and subsea engineer who managed many historic offshore “firsts”.

After law school, Smith joined Lambert’s firm in 2013 to pursue her interest in maritime law. She has successfully represented offshore accident clients, securing favourable results in settlements and trials. Smith is known for her empathy, understanding and ability to connect with maritime clients on a personal level.

Smith is licensed to practice in state and federal courts across Louisiana. Super Lawyers Magazine has recognised her as a “Rising Star” in maritime law. Smith is actively involved in professional associations for maritime lawyers and frequently delivers Continuing Legal Education seminars on offshore injury litigation.

3. Jeremy Z. Soso

As a partner at Lambert Zainey Smith & Soso, Jeremy Soso has extensive experience in maritime personal injury, insurance litigation, criminal law, and civil litigation.

Soso represents individual plaintiffs and corporate clients in state and federal courts in Louisiana. His practice areas include maritime and offshore injury cases, environmental litigation, toxic torts, product liability, and class actions.

Known as a skilled yet compassionate attorney, Soso has successfully taken on offshore companies in injury lawsuits and negotiated favourable settlements for his clients injured in offshore accidents. He handles the Jones Act, maritime negligence and maintenance and cure cases for maritime workers.

In addition to his maritime practice, Soso assists small business clients with commercial litigation matters. Other attorneys frequently call upon him to offer insights and advice on navigating complex federal litigation and maritime law issues.

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4. J. Christopher Zainey, Jr.

A partner at Lambert Zainey Smith & Soso, J. Christopher Zainey dedicates his practice to representing victims of catastrophic offshore accidents in the Gulf of Mexico.

In his maritime practice, Zainey has won multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for injured offshore workers and families who lost loved ones in preventable maritime accidents. He handles Jones Act lawsuits, maritime wrongful death cases, and other complex litigation for his clients.

Zainey is known for his relentless commitment to obtaining justice for his clients. He has litigated prominent cases related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the New Orleans Saints “Bountygate” scandal.

In addition to his offshore accident practice, Zainey represents governmental entities in opioid lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies. He volunteers with legal aid organizations to assist underprivileged and homeless community members.

Zainey frequently speaks on maritime law and litigation at legal conferences. He is often called upon by other attorneys to assist with federal litigation and trial matters.

5. Brian Mersman

A newer partner at Lambert Zainey Smith & Soso, Brian Mersman, represents offshore workers injured by the negligence of others. His practice areas include maritime personal injury, Jones Act, and environmental litigation.

After graduating law school and becoming licensed in Louisiana, Mersman quickly focused his practice on maritime law. He works closely with senior partners Lambert, Smith and Zainey on offshore injury cases, conducting legal research and analysis and advocating for clients.

In his short career thus far, Mersman has already successfully represented offshore accident clients, helping them obtain fair compensation for their injuries and losses. He is known for his strong work ethic and creative legal strategies.

Mersman belongs to several maritime law associations, including the Federal Bar Association’s Admiralty section. He frequently writes articles on developments in offshore injury litigation. As the next-generation maritime attorney at his firm, Mersman works to continue their tradition of excellence in representing offshore accident victims.

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6. Carolyn M. Latti

Carolyn M. Latti is a nationally-recognized maritime trial attorney and partner at Boston firm Latti & Anderson LLP. She focuses primarily on offshore injury and death cases.

For over 20 years, Latti has pioneered the role of women maritime lawyers. She represents clients such as offshore workers, seamen, fishermen and dockworkers injured on the job. She also represents passengers of vessels who are harmed due to negligence.

Latti’s record includes multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for her maritime clients. Her advocacy has improved safety practices in the maritime industry and laws protecting seamen.

Active in national maritime lawyer associations, Latti frequently publishes articles on developments in offshore accident litigation. She is a leader in promoting women in the marine legal field. Latti has been honoured as one of Massachusetts’ top trial lawyers.

7. David F. Anderson

Partnering with Carolyn Latti at Latti & Anderson LLP, David F. Anderson focuses on offshore injury cases. He has over 16 years of maritime law experience and a strong reputation for assisting offshore clients nationwide.

Anderson represents clients such as oil rig workers, seamen, and harbour employees injured on offshore vessels and platforms. Many of his cases involve catastrophic injuries and complex legal issues. He handles injury claims under maritime laws such as the Jones Act.

Notable successes by Anderson include a $3 million settlement for an offshore worker paralyzed after a crane load dropped on him and a $2.5 million verdict for a harbour worker severely injured after being struck by a dredging vessel due to negligence.

Anderson is known for his aggressive trial advocacy, which has resulted in numerous multi-million dollar recoveries for his maritime clients. He is also praised for his compassion in guiding clients and families through difficult legal challenges after tragic offshore accidents.

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8. Dean R. Patti

For over 35 years, Dean R. Patti has championed the rights of offshore accident victims and obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for clients. He is a senior partner at Las Vegas firm D.R. Patti & Associates.

Patti has litigated some of Nevada’s largest maritime personal injury and wrongful death cases. His notable offshore case results include two separate settlements of over $25 million each for clients involved in fatal maritime accidents.

In addition to his maritime practice, Patti has extensive experience with medical malpractice, vehicle accident and other catastrophic injury cases. He is known for his trial skills, thorough case preparation, and unrelenting fight for his injured clients.

Patti is highly active in the legal community, holding leadership positions in organizations such as the American Board of Trial Advocates. He has been honoured with awards from the Justice For All organization and the Nevada Trial Lawyer Association for his excellence as a trial lawyer.

9. Marc C. Naron

As an associate attorney at D.R. Patti & Associates, Marc C. Naron represents clients who have suffered severe offshore injuries and losses. He assists the firm’s offshore accident clients in obtaining maximum compensation through settlements or trials. Naron has over 10 years of litigation experience in personal injury law. He previously gained valuable insight into how insurance companies approach maritime claims while defending offshore accident lawsuits early in his career. He now uses that knowledge to represent plaintiffs in such cases zealously.

In addition to offshore accidents, Naron has successfully represented clients in auto accidents, premises liability and defective product lawsuits. Several of his case results have been reported among the top Nevada jury verdicts and settlements. Naron is known for tenaciously fighting for his injured clients and exploring creative approaches to resolve their cases efficiently. His combination of compassion, skill and work ethic produces excellent results for victims of negligence.

10. Kurt Arnold

As Founding Partner of Arnold & Itkin LLP, Kurt Arnold is nationally renowned for securing record-setting verdicts and settlements for offshore accident victims. With over $15 billion recovered for clients, he is among the most successful maritime lawyers in the country. Representing offshore workers, Arnold’s firm has won more multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements than any other maritime law firm. He has been involved in multiple billion-dollar recoveries for clients by aggressively confronting corporate defendants to obtain justice.

Among his landmark cases, Arnold won a $117 million jury verdict against Transocean for an injured offshore worker suffering from PTSD after witnessing the Deepwater Horizon explosion. He also secured a $246 million settlement for 16 cleanup workers injured in the BP oil spill.

In another record-setting case, Arnold obtained a $30 million jury award for an offshore engineer injured in a crane accident. This remains the largest single-plaintiff personal injury verdict in Louisiana history. Arnold is passionate about fighting for maritime workers and holding offshore companies fully accountable for negligence. His big wins have improved safety and changed policies in the offshore industry.

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When offshore accidents caused by negligence devastate workers and their families, experienced maritime attorneys can help them seek fair compensation and accountability. The attorneys profiled in this article are among the most prominent and successful offshore injury lawyers in the USA today. They have won the largest verdicts and settlements, set legal precedents and advanced safety in the offshore industry. Their proven advocacy on behalf of offshore accident victims will continue to shape maritime law in the years ahead positively. Workers injured while performing risky jobs to meet our energy needs deserve justice. With committed legal advocates in their corner, offshore accident victims can receive the legal support and significant compensation they deserve.

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