10 Best Scholarships for Students with Tourette Syndrome 2024

Tourette syndrome is an abnormal condition of the nervous system that causes those who have the syndrome to have sudden twitches called “tics”. Those affected make uncontrollable movements repeatedly, unknowingly. Sometimes, the uncontrollable movements can take the form of sound.

You must have seen someone who blinks so often. That is the effect of Tourette syndrome. This syndrome affects some children who are of school age. Any student who is diagnosed with this syndrome faces academic challenges.

As such, some individuals as well as organisations offer scholarships to such students to help them in their academic pursuits.

This article looks at ten such scholarships. They include:

  • Tourette College Scholarship
  • Dollars 4 Tic Scholars Tourette Syndrome Scholarship
  • Jack Scura Fund
  • Chad Stovall Memorial Scholarship
  • SVCF Carolyn Balsa Hancock Memorial Scholarship
  • John Lepping Memorial Scholarship
  • Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities
  • Scholars Tic Tourette’s Supporters Scholarship
  • AIM Centre for Independent Living Inc.
  • Kenny’s Dream Foundation Scholarship

10 Best Scholarships for Students with Tourette Syndrome 2024

1. Tourette College Scholarship

The Tourette College Scholarship is one of the scholarships available to students with Tourette syndrome. This scholarship is only available to those pursuing higher education. This scholarship does not give more than $2,000 to those who are qualified for it.

Though the student has Tourette syndrome, the student applying for this scholarship must prove his excellence in academics. Sometimes, the offerors consider the leadership quality of the student.

2. Dollars 4 Tic Scholars Tourette Syndrome Scholarship

Considering the difficulties that Tourette syndrome students go through, Kelse Diamantis Padilla, a one-time Tourette syndrome student, established a Foundation aimed at helping Tourette syndrome students.

Established in 2014, this Foundation has helped so many Tourette syndrome students in overcoming the difficulties they go through.

Though most of the students whom this Foundation has helped so far are from the United States, there is the possibility of helping other students from other parts of the world.

The best thing is to visit the Foundation’s website at https://www.dollars4ticscholars.org/application for eligibility requirements and application deadlines. The Foundation receives applications every year.

3. Jack Scura Fund

The Jack Scura Fund is another scholarship opportunity that is available to Tourette syndrome students. Approved applicants receive $10,000 for the pursuance of their higher education.

Offerors of this scholarship program require you to provide proof of your Tourette syndrome. They also require that you write an essay for them explaining to them how you have coped with the condition so far.

When they approve your application, they give you a cool $10,000 to help you further in your Tourette syndrome condition. Visit their official website for all that you require to be approved for this scholarship.

4. Chad Stovall Memorial Scholarship

Javon Akil Rogers Stovall was not a Tourette syndrome student per se. Rather; he unexpectedly died of epilepsy during his graduate study at Florida International University. In his honour, his loved ones created the Chad Stovall Memorial Scholarship to help students of similar condition.

Every year, the organizers of this scholarship select students with similar conditions to Javon and award them scholarships. This they do to immortalize Javon because of his contributions to the academic society as well as humanity’s development. To apply for the Chad Stovall Memorial Scholarship, visit its official website for details of the requirements and eligibility.

5. SVCF Carolyn Balsa Hancock Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is purely for students diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. It is in honour of Carolyn Hancock. Every year, the organizers of this scholarship give all deserving students the sum of $1,500. To receive this amount, the student must show signs of having Tourette syndrome and at the same time demonstrate academic excellence in his field of study.

Students who prove their community involvement and good leadership qualities are also considered for this scholarship. This scholarship will be due on February 28, 2024. The official website has full details.

6. John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

Years ago, the Lep Foundation for Youth Education established the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship. Unlike other scholarships that target Tourette syndrome students, this scholarship aims at alleviating the suffering faced by all disabled students. This the organizers do to honour John Lepping who was very helpful to all disabled students.

John Lepping felt that disabled students, irrespective of their form of disability, could still achieve academic excellence. To keep this legacy on, the Lep Foundation for Youth Education created the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship for all disabled students, including Tourette syndrome students. To apply for this scholarship, you need to prove your form of disability beyond reasonable doubt. You can email thelepfoundation@gmail.com for details.

7. Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities

The Wells Fargo Scholarship program for people with disabilities is another scholarship for those who believe in the ability of students with disabilities. Those who offer this scholarship believe that all that disabled students need is help.

For this reason, they grant the sum of $10,000 to any deserving student, including Tourette syndrome students. Though the organizers award this scholarship every year, the due dates vary. Therefore, check the official website for details.

8. Scholars TIC Tourette’s Supporters Scholarship

In 2015, a non-profit organization known as Scholars TIC Tourette’s Supporters founded this scholarship with the belief that all that Tourette syndrome students need is support. Otherwise, they can learn like all other students when supported.

Therefore, the organizers of this scholarship support all students diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in achieving their full potential. For details on how to apply for this scholarship, visit https://scholasticsupport.org/.

9. AIM Centre for Independent Living Inc.

The AIM Centre for Independent Living Inc. is another organization that believes that Tourette syndrome students should not be left in their academic pursuits. It believes that any Tourette syndrome student, when helped financially, can excel academically and become somebody in society.

For this reason, it awards $10,000 worth of scholarships to any student with proof of Tourette syndrome. November 15, 2023, is the due date for this year’s scholarship.

10. Kenny’s Dream Foundation Scholarship

Kenny Lindo was a young boy diagnosed with Tourette syndrome hence this Foundation in 2014. This Foundation believes that all Tourette syndrome students can achieve their future dreams. For this reason, this Foundation awards a $1,500 scholarship to help such students pursue their dreams. For details, visit http://kennysdreamfoundation.org/


Students diagnosed with Tourette syndrome can achieve their academic goals like every other student when properly helped. It is for this reason that many organizations offer them scholarships. Take advantage of them. They are there to help people such as you go up to any level that they desire. Good luck as you apply for these scholarships!

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