UNIJOS Application Forms into MA Film Culture and Archiving Studies 2024 is ongoing

UNIJOS Application Forms into MA Film Culture and Archiving Studies 2024 is ongoing – The School of Postgraduate Studies of the University of Jos in collaboration with the National Film Institute (NFI) through the Nigerian Film Corporation and German Institutions, has commenced a 24-month Masters Programme in Film Culture and Archiving Studies in the Department of Theatre and Film Arts.

The programme covers the various aspects of theory and practice of Film Culture including the scientific basis for Film Archiving.

About the MA Film Culture and Archiving Studies:

This is a Knowledge Transfer initiative involving German and Nigerian institutions. The German institutions are represented by Goethe Universität, Deutsches Film Institute & Film Museum, and Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst Berlin, in the framework of the TNB (Transnational Bildung) program, while the Nigerian institutions involved are the Nigerian Film Corporation/ National Film Institute, Jos and the University of Jos. “This programme is the first of its kind in Africa and one about a dozen worldwide,” says Goethe University.

The Jos Program aims are:

a) train scientific personnel for film and media archives

b) train institutions of film culture across Africa

c) build capacity for the preservation of the audiovisual heritage of Nigeria and Africa.

d) Opportunity greater for employment. Over 90% of students in Germany who have studied this course are already employed. This is replicable in Nigeria.

The theoretical teaching will be administered through the University of Jos and Goethe University, while the Nigerian Film Corporation through NFI will facilitate the practical aspects of the training.

However, the University of Jos will award the degree based on the existing affiliation of the National Film Institute to the University. It is expected to commence by February 2024.


The course is designed for Nigerian and foreign students with a craving for career opportunities in film culture and archiving Studies. There is a huge demand for this expertise considering the growing film industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.


The student eligibility for MA Film Culture and Archival Studies; the applicant will be suitable for the program if he/she possesses:

i) A Bachelors’ Degree: BA or B.Sc in Film Arts, or Theatre & Film Arts, from the National Film Institute, University of Jos, or any accredited University recognized by the Senate of the University of Jos.

ii) B.Sc, BA, or HND in Mass Communication, Social Sciences, Arts/ Humanities, or Natural Sciences.

iii) A minimum second-class lower division (2.2) degree or Higher National Diploma (lower credit) with a grade point average (CGPA) of not less than 2.40. Admission of candidates with third class or HND (below Lower credit), will be subject to the University of Jos Postgraduate admission requirements for such candidates. In addition, a Postgraduate Diploma in Film-related courses is required provided the applicant is a practitioner with a film background with a minimum period of five years post-graduation experience.

iv) Eligible Candidates without a background in Theatre or Film will audition for preliminary undergraduate courses

v) The admission requirements include basic O’ level results with a credit in English Language.


To purchase the online application form, all aspiring candidates should do the following: Create an Account

1. Visit portal.unijos.edu.ng


3. Click on Masters Programme

4. Fill in the Account Registration Form and click Register An account activation Link is sent to the email provided. Login to the email and click on the Link to activate the account and launch the log-in page to continue Or Pay Application Form Charge

5. Visit portal.unijos.edu.ng

6. Click on LOGIN

7. Enter the email and password used to create an account

8. Click on Login to launch a personalized dashboard

9. Click on Application Charge and then on Pay Application Charges.

10. A window containing payment details will be displayed.)


12. Select your preferred payment option (Bank Branch, Card, etc) and provide the details required

13. Follow the prompt until payment is successful

14. Print the receipt upon successful payment. Also, print the other copy of the receipt sent to your mail. Fill in the Application Form

15. visit portal.unijos.edu.ng

16. Click on LOGIN

17. Type your email and password and then

18. click Login to launch your personalized dashboard

19. Click on My Profile

20. Click on Add/Edit Bio-Data and fill in the online application form. (Ensure you enter all the information requested on all tabs: bio-data, result, sponsor, next of kin as well as passport and signature upload)

21. Click on Submit when all tabs are correctly completed (a form will be generated for you. Print and keep it for future reference)


a. Only valid and functional email addresses and phone numbers should be used. All further correspondence will be done through the email address and phone number provided.

b. Referee forms are sent electronically. You must therefore provide referees’ valid and functional email addresses and phone numbers. Note that once the referee form is correctly completed, it will automatically go to the relevant department.

c. Corrections on personal information after completion of the application form may attract a fee. Therefore, ensure the online form is carefully and correctly completed.

Completed application forms together with an application letter containing the Applicant’s email address and telephone number must be returned to the institute before 7th – February 2024.

Applications that do not contain all the requisite materials will not be processed. Shortlisted applicants will be communicated on 21st – February 2024 via text messages and emails.

Please contact us at the Department of Theatre and Film Arts, University of Jos or the National Film Institute for further inquiries: 08033015693 (UNIJOS) or 08034834404 (NFI) or Filmcult@unijos.edu.ng

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