BSU suspends 200-600 Level students, College of Health Sciences

BSU suspends 200-600 Level students, College of Health Sciences – The management committee of Benue State University has suspended 200 to 600 level medical students for one month following a protest on October 25th.School News Portal

In a statement released by the registrar, Dr. Mrs. Mfaga Modom, the committee expressed dismay at the “recalcitrant attitude” of the students before, during and after the demonstration. An investigative committee will be formed to look into the causes of the protest.

BSU suspends 200-600 Level students, College of Health Sciences

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The committee resolved that all affected students should begin their one month suspension at 8am on Monday, October 30th and can return to classes on Wednesday, November 29th. Upon returning, each student must provide an affidavit from a court attesting to good conduct. Parents or guardians will also be required to sign an undertaking.BSU suspends 200-600 Level

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The Benue State University Medical Students Association (BESUMSA) has been indefinitely suspended. The committee has directed the 200 to 600 level medical students to vacate their hostels by 10am on Monday as well.

Academic activities for 100 level College of Health Sciences students will continue uninterrupted.

The committee notification stresses that all university staff, the university community, and the general public should be aware of the suspension.

The protest occurred on Wednesday, October 25th. Reports from the Dean of Students and Coordinator of Security were reviewed, along with resolutions from a meeting between the management committee and academic staff of the College of Health Sciences.

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While the cause of the protest is still under investigation, the committee found the actions of the 200 to 600 level medical students unacceptable. The month-long suspension, sworn affidavits, and parental agreements aim to prevent further disruptive protests.

With academic activities continuing for lower level students, the university hopes to limit the impact on studies while addressing concerning protest behavior. The investigative committee will provide recommendations on potential policy changes to avoid similar demonstrations in the future

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