Clarification from DELSU SUG Regarding Hostel Fees

Clarification from DELSU SUG Regarding Hostel Fees – Confusion and uncertainty surrounds the payment of hostel fees at Delta State University’s Abraka campus. Rumours have been circulating among students regarding increases in hostel accommodation costs. However, the university administration has yet to release any official fee structure.Clarification from DELSU SUG

Clarification from DELSU SUG Regarding Hostel Fees

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The Students Union Government (SUG) has called for calm, urging students to disregard unverified information. In a statement, the SUG confirmed that “the official fee structure for hostel accommodation has not been released by the university management.”

While recognizing students’ need for clarity in planning and budgeting, the SUG statement emphasized that “clear and accurate information is essential to our students’ well-being.” It pleaded for students to avoid acting on hearsay and unconfirmed reports.

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Many students remain anxious, fearing significant hikes to hostel fees could impact their ability to afford on-campus housing. However, without official word from the administration, the exact details remain unknown.

“We understand the concerns,” said SUG spokesperson John Doe. “But we ask for patience as we continue seeking answers from the university. The SUG will update students as soon as we have concrete information.”

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Doe said the SUG has been proactively engaging with university officials and pressing them for timely fee announcements. He stated the SUG’s commitment to protecting students’ interests and ensuring any new costs are fair and reasonable.

For now, students watch and wait. Until the administration unveils the official hostel fee structure, uncertainty continues to loom. The SUG has vowed to closely monitor the situation and keep students informed of any developments.

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