GVSU Academic Calendar 2023-2024

GVSU Academic Calendar – See the official Grand Valley State University academic calendar showing important dates, academic events, and deadlines.

Grand Valley State University’s academic calendar outlines important dates and deadlines for students and faculty over the 2023-2024 academic year. The calendar is an essential planning resource that enables the Grand Valley community to coordinate schedules, register for classes, budget time off, and meet academic milestones.

The academic year at Grand Valley is divided into three primary semesters: Fall, Winter, and a combined Spring/Summer session. The Fall 2023 semester lasts from late August through mid-December. It kicks off with new student Convocation and a week of classes before breaking briefly for Labor Day. After a few days off in October for Fall Break and the Thanksgiving holiday in late November, the term wraps up with final exams and commencement in early December.

The Winter 2024 semester spans January through April, interrupted by a weeklong midterm recess in March. During this spring session, the order of operations remains consistent, moving from the MLK Day holiday at the start through a four week test and evaluation period after classes end in late April. Students can look ahead to year-end festivities like commencement before finals week draws Winter to a close.

Grand Valley amalgamates spring and summer sessions together into one continuous calendar. The first six and twelve week chunks that start in early May are punctuated by Memorial Day observances at the end of the month. Students in certain programs will complete their requirements by mid-June, while others persist through Independence Day and into early August. Everyone can enjoy recesses and breaks before the second six weeks wrap up all outstanding classwork and evaluations.

GVSU Academic Calendar: Fall 2023

  • August 24 – Convocation
  • August 28 – Classes begin
  • September 3-4 – Labor Day recess
  • October 22-24 – Fall break
  • November 22-26 – Thanksgiving Day recess
  • December 9 – Classes end
  • December 9 – Commencement
  • December 9-16 – Examinations
  • December 16 – Semester ends
  • December 19 – Grades due

GVSU Academic Calendar: Winter 2024

  • January 8 – Classes begin
  • January 15 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day recess
  • March 3-10 – Spring break
  • April 20 – Classes end
  • April 20-27 – Examinations
  • April 27 – Semester ends
  • April 26 and 27 – Commencement
  • April 30 – Grades due

GVSU Academic Calendar: Spring/Summer Session 2024

  • May 6 – Classes begin first six and 12 weeks
  • May 27 – Memorial Day recess
  • June 17 – Classes end first six weeks
  • June 18-19 – Examinations first six weeks
  • June 24 – Classes begin second six weeks
  • July 4 – Independence Day recess
  • August 2 – Classes end second six and 12 weeks
  • August 5-6 – Examinations second six and 12 weeks
  • August 6 – Session ends


With so many shifting deadlines, events, and gaps in the schedule, Grand Valley provides this calendar as an essential guiding resource. It allows the campus population to see the school year in totality and properly anticipate key dates for personal schedules and academic workloads. Checking and cross-referencing the calendar helps Lakers progress smoothly through each semester.

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