GW Law Academic Calendar 2023-2024

GW Law Academic Calendar – See the official George Washington University Law School academic calendar showing important dates, academic events, and deadlines.

The GW Law academic calendar outlines important dates and events for students throughout the Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 terms. Covering a full year, this schedule provides law students a clear reference to plan for academic milestones, deadlines, class schedules, holidays and breaks, as well as orientation and commencement events.

The calendar commences with detailed orientation plans starting August 14, 2023, for incoming 1L, transfer, international LLM, and MSL students. The fall term runs through November 30th and includes academic dates like drop/add deadlines, Credit/No Credit options, 1L Reading Period and midterm exams in October, as well as Thanksgiving Recess. Exams will close out the fall semester in December.

Following January orientation, spring classes begin January 8th, 2024. The spring term will run until April 16th and includes Spring Recess the week of March 11th. Like the previous semester, academic deadlines and withdrawing with a Credit/No Credit option are included. Spring 2024 exams will take place April 19th-May 2nd, with a make-up day on May 3rd. Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for May 19th.

The summer 2024 calendar outlines Classes beginning May 20th, the Juneteenth holiday on June 19th, and exams from July 16-18 ending the semester.

In this post, I’ll be showing you the important dates to look out for in the 2023-2024 academic calendar, so you don’t have to miss anything important. Continue reading to learn more about the dates.

GW Law Academic Calendar: Fall 2023

Fall 2023

  • August 14-18, Monday-Friday – MSL Orientation
  • August 15-18, Tuesday-Friday – Orientation
  • International LLM and Exchange (Wednesday-Friday)
  • Transfer (Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • 1L Evening (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • 1L Day (Thursday & Friday)
  • August 21, Monday – Classes begin for 1L, International LLM students and MSL students enrolled in 1L courses and/or Fundamental Issues in U.S. Law
  • August 25, Friday – First day of Add/Drop and U.S. LLM Orientation
  • August 28, Monday – Classes begin for 2L, 3L, 4L, U.S. LLM students, and MSL students not enrolled in 1L courses or Fundamental Issues in U.S. Law
  • September 4, Monday – Labor Day Holiday (no classes)
  • September 5, Tuesday – Last day of Add/Drop
  • September 18, Monday – Last day for Credit/No Credit Option
  • October 16, Monday – 1L Reading Period
  • October 17, Tuesday – 1L Mid-Term Exams
  • October 18-20, Wednesday-Friday – 1L Fall Recess
  • November 21, Tuesday – Constructive Friday (all Friday classes held)
  • November 22-24, Wednesday-Friday – Thanksgiving Recess
  • November 30, Thursday – Last Day of Fall Semester Classes
  • December 1-3, Friday-Sunday – Reading Period or Snow Days
  • December 4-14, Monday-Thursday – Examination Period
  • December 15, Friday – Examination Make-Up Day

Spring 2024

  • January 4-5, Thursday-Friday – Transfer (Thursday), LLM, and MSL Orientation: For new students only
  • January 5, Friday – First Day of Add/Drop
  • January 8, Monday – Classes Begin for All Students
  • January 15, Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no classes)
  • January 16, Tuesday – Last Day of Add/Drop
  • January 29, Monday – Last Day for Credit/No Credit Option
  • February 19, Monday – Washington’s Birthday Holiday (no classes)
  • March 11-15, Monday-Friday – Spring Recess (no classes)
  • April 16, Tuesday – Constructive Monday (all Monday classes held); Last Day of Classes
  • April 17-18, Wednesday-Thursday – Reading Period
  • April 19-May 2, Friday-Thursday – Examination Period
  • May 3, Friday – Examination Make-Up Day
  • May 19, Sunday – University Commencement and Law School Diploma Ceremony

Summer 2024

  • May 20, Monday – All Classes Begin; First Day of Add/Drop
  • May 24, Friday – Last Day for Add/Drop – In Records Office
  • May 27, Monday – Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)
  • May 31, Friday – Last day for Credit/No Credit Option
  • June 19, Wednesday – Juneteenth National Independence Day (no classes)
  • July 4, Thursday – Fourth of July Holiday (no classes)
  • July 8, Monday – Last Day of Most Classes (see schedule)
  • July 16-18, Tuesday-Thursday – Examination period


In summary, the 2023-2024 George Washington University Law School academic calendar clearly details all key dates and events for the full upcoming academic year to support law students in successfully navigating their programs.

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