UNM Academic Calendar 2023-2033

UNM Academic Calendar – See the official University of New Mexico academic calendar showing important dates, academic events, and deadlines.

The University of New Mexico provides its academic calendars well in advance to allow students, faculty, and staff to plan their schedules. The 10-year overview gives key stakeholders valuable insight into the timing of academic terms, breaks, and holidays. Understanding this long-range view empowers the university community to make arrangements that optimize learning, research, work-life balance, and other priorities.

The calendar outlines the start and end dates for UNM’s major semesters – Spring, Summer, and Fall – from 2023 through 2033. The length of breaks can be determined by noting the conclusion of one term and the start of the next. Standard components like Spring Break and Fall Break are provided for every year, creating consistency and easier comparison across the decade timeline.

It is interesting to observe the slight variations in calendar alignment from year to year. While most Spring terms open in mid-late January and wrap up in mid-May, there is nearly a month difference in some start dates. This reinforces the need to avoid assumptions when scheduling important activities tied to the academic schedule. Checking specific calendar dates is critical regardless of the general pattern

University of New Mexico Academic Calendar 2023-2033:

University of New Mexico 10-Year Academic Calendar
Year Spring Summer Fall
  Begin Break End Begin End Begin Break End
2023 16-Jan Mar 12-19 13-May    5-Jun 1-Aug   21-Aug Oct 12-13 16-Dec
2024 15-Jan Mar 10-17 11-May    3-Jun 30-Jul   19-Aug Oct 10-11 14-Dec
2025 20-Jan Mar 16-23 17-May    2-Jun 29-Jul  18-Aug Oct 9-10 13-Dec
2026 19-Jan Mar 15-22 16-May    1-Jun 28-Jul   17-Aug Oct 8-9 12-Dec
2027 18-Jan Mar 14-21 15-May   31-May 27-Jul  16-Aug Oct 7-8 11-Dec
2028 17-Jan Mar 12-19 13-May     5-Jun 1-Aug   21-Aug Oct 12-13 16-Dec
2029 15-Jan Mar 11-18 12-May    4-Jun 31-Jul  20-Aug Oct 11-12 15-Dec
2030 21-Jan Mar 17-24 18-May    3-Jun 30-Jul   19-Aug Oct 10-11 14-Dec
2031 20-Jan Mar 16-23 17-May    2-Jun 29-Jul   18-Aug Oct 9-10 13-Dec
2032 19-Jan Mar 14-21 15-May   31-May 27-Jul   16-Aug Oct 7-8 11-Dec
2033 17-Jan Mar 13-20 14-May    6-Jun 2-Aug   22-Aug Oct 13-14 17-Dec



In conclusion, the University of New Mexico’s 10-year academic calendar provides helpful guidance for planning university activities over the next decade. While the annual calendars follow a familiar framing, examining precise semester and break timelines is necessary for sound preparation. This foundational calendar tool assists the UNM community in setting personal, departmental and institutional objectives.

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