UL Lafayette Academic Calendar 2023-2024

UL Lafayette Academic Calendar – See the official University of Louisiana at Lafayette academic calendar showing important dates, academic events, and deadlines.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has released its academic calendars for Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 Semester. These calendars stick to the standard structure and key dates followed by UL Lafayette each semester.

The fall semester typically begins in the third week of August and runs through early December. Fall 2023 begins on August 21st with classes commencing on that date. The last day of classes is December 1st before the semester ends entirely by December 8th. Graduation ceremonies occur the following week on December 15th. The fall calendar outlines the key moments and milestones during those months.

The spring terms begin in early to mid-January, with the Spring 2024 semester scheduled to start on January 10. Classes will then meet for over 3 and a half months before ending on April 26. Exams and assessments will occur in the first week of May before graduation on the 10th. Summer sessions start earlier in June and run for 8 intensive weeks. The upcoming Summer 2024 calendar specifies a June 3rd beginning and a July 24th last day of classes.

ULL Academic Calendar: Fall 2023

  • August 21 – Classes Begin
  • December 1 – Last Day of Classes
  • December 8 – Semester Ends
  • December 15 – Commencement Exercises

ULL Academic Calendar: Spring 2024

  • January 10 – Classes Begin
  • April 26 – Last Day of Classes
  • May 3 – Semester Ends
  • May 10 – Commencement Exercises

ULL Academic Calendar: Summer 2024

  • June 3 – Classes Begin
  • July 24 – Last Day of Classes
  • July 26 – Semester Ends
  • August 2 – Commencement Exercises


These academic calendars provide students, faculty, staff and all university stakeholders the pertinent dates and events for planning each semester accordingly. The schedules enable strategic preparation for matriculation requirements, assignment deadlines, exams/projects, and campus-wide ceremonies. Students should consult these calendars regularly when organizing their courseloads and extracurricular activities.

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