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How to Accept AP Credit at Texas A&M University (TAMU) – If you’re an incoming freshman or a transfer student at Texas A&M University (TAMU), and you have previously taken Advanced Placement (AP) exams, there’s good news for you. TAMU recognizes AP credit, which can provide you with a significant advantage in your academic journey. School News Portal

This article will guide you through the steps and insights needed to accept your AP credit at TAMU effectively.
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How to Accept AP Credit at Texas A&M University (TAMU)

1. Understanding the Importance of AP Credit at TAMU

Before diving into the mechanics, it’s worth understanding the value of AP credit. Gaining college credit through AP exams can:

  • Save you money on tuition.
  • Allow you to graduate earlier..
  • Provide flexibility in your course schedule.
  • Let you jump straight into higher-level courses.
Understanding the Importance of AP Credit at TAMU
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2. Check TAMU’s AP Credit Policy

The first step is to be well-acquainted with TAMU’s specific AP credit policy. Every university has its set of rules, and TAMU is no different. Texas A&M has a comprehensive chart indicating which AP exams are accepted and the scores required for each course credit. How To Accept AP Credit TAMU

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Tip: Always refer to the latest AP credit policy on the TAMU website or contact the admissions office for the most recent information.

3. Sending Your AP Scores to TAMU

Ensure that the College Board (the organization responsible for AP exams) sends your AP scores to TAMU. During your AP exam registration, you can select Texas A&M University as the recipient of your scores. If you haven’t done this:

  • Visit the College Board’s official website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Request an AP score report to be sent to TAMU.

Note: There might be a fee for sending scores, especially if done after the initial exam period.

4. Review Your Credits in Howdy Portal

Once Texas A&M has received and processed your scores:

  • Log into the Howdy Portal.
  • Navigate to the “My Record” tab.
  • Check the “Transfer Credit Report” to review the AP credits you’ve been awarded.

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5. Consider Course Recommendations

While jumping ahead is tempting, consider speaking with an academic advisor about the best course of action. Sometimes, even if you’ve earned the AP credit, retaking the course at TAMU might be beneficial, especially if it’s fundamental for your major.

6. Adjusting Your Class Schedule

With your AP credits accepted, you can now adjust your class schedule. If you’ve been awarded credit for a particular course, you don’t need to retake it (unless you choose to). Using the Howdy Portal, enroll or adjust classes accordingly.

7. Keep an Eye on Degree Requirements

Remember that while AP credits are valuable, you still have degree requirements to fulfill. Ensure that the credits you’ve earned align with your chosen degree plan. If you’re unsure, TAMU’s academic advisors can clarify.

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8. Stay Updated with Policy Changes

Universities periodically update their policies. It’s a good habit to stay informed about any changes in the AP credit policy at TAMU. Regularly checking the university’s official website or discussing with academic advisors can keep you updated.

9. Celebrate Your Achievement

Accepting AP credit is an acknowledgment of the hard work you put into your AP courses and exams. It’s a head start in your college journey and worth celebrating. Share your achievements with family and friends and get set for a successful academic experience at TAMU.

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10. Look Ahead

With AP credits under your belt, consider other opportunities like studying abroad, internships, or pursuing a minor. The credits you’ve earned can provide flexibility in your academic journey, allowing you to explore diverse learning experiences.


Accepting your AP credits at Texas A&M University is a straightforward process, but it requires attention to detail. Always ensure you are up to date with TAMU’s policies, regularly check your Howdy Portal, and, most importantly, consult with academic advisors to make the most of your credits. Your AP achievements can pave the way for a richer, more diverse college experience, setting you up for future success.

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