FECOLART receives NBTE course accreditation

FECOLART receives NBTE course accreditation – In an exciting development, the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has accredited eight courses offered by the Federal College of Land Resources and Technology (FECOLART) in Owerri. This was revealed after a visitation team led by NBTE Director Samaila Tanko conducted a thorough inspection of the college’s facilities and resources.School News Portal

FECOLART receives NBTE course accreditation
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The accreditation team spent time examining various aspects of the college to ensure it met the required standards for effectively delivering the programs. They assessed the availability and quality of equipment, tools, materials, physical infrastructure, staff qualifications, and ability to provide quality education.

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According to reports, the NBTE team was impressed by what they witnessed during the visit. They commended FECOLART’s administration and faculty for their commitment to developing the necessary resources and providing a conducive learning environment for students.

However, the team did identify a few areas needing improvement. They advised the management to address these shortcomings to further enhance the learning experience. The Provost assured the NBTE team that every effort would be made to implement their recommendations.NBTE course accreditation

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News of the successful accreditation was welcomed with joy and excitement by FECOLART students. This achievement highlights the college’s dedication to maintaining high standards and striving for excellence. With accreditation granted, FECOLART can confidently proceed with offering the eight accredited programs.

The NBTE nod serves as a validation of the quality education students receive and boosts the college’s reputation. Accreditation also provides reassurance to current and prospective students that they will acquire the necessary skills for future careers.

The FECOLART community congratulates the students, as their hard work and commitment to learning have been recognized through this milestone. This accreditation serves as an inspiration for students to aim higher and continue excelling in their fields of study.

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As FECOLART celebrates this achievement, they are also gearing up to address the areas identified for improvement. The college management reiterated their commitment to continuously enhance the learning experience and infrastructure.

The NBTE accreditation helps reaffirm FECOLART’s status as a leading institution providing technical and vocational education in Nigeria. With accredited programs aligned to industry needs, FECOLART graduates can look forward to rewarding careers in various sectors contributing to national development.

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