NWAG Scholarship for Nigerian Female Students, 2024

NWAG Scholarship for Nigerian Female Students, 2024 – In alignment with its mission, the Nigerian Women’s Association of Georgia (NWAG) is pleased to announce its scholarship program for 2024, focused on providing financial support to female undergraduates in Nigerian universities. This opportunity serves as a means for eligible candidates to receive assistance towards their educational endeavors.

NWAG Scholarship for Nigerian Female Students, 2024

 Scholarship Requirements:

To qualify for the undergraduate NWAG Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Must be a female undergraduate enrolled in a Nigerian university (excluding final-year students).

– Must be a Nigerian citizen.

– Must provide proof of state of origin.

Required Documents

Applicants must submit the following documents during the application process:

– Proof of state of origin: Letter of Origin from the university or a letter from the local government office.

– Two letters of recommendation from any of the following: Pastor or Imam, Village Head, Local Government Chairperson, University Lecturer, or Head of the Department.

– One letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty or the School Head of your Department.

– Photocopy of current university student identification.

– Current photograph of the applicant.

– Explain why the scholarship is needed and why the applicant deserves it (not exceeding one-half typed page).

– A typed, double-spaced, two-page essay on the topic: “The alarming exodus of professionals leaving Nigeria for greener pastures: What is the cause? What can be done to improve or reduce this mass exit? How does this ‘Japa Syndrome’ affect education in Nigeria?”

How To Apply

To apply for the NWAG Scholarship, follow these steps:

1. Visit the scholarship webpage.

2. Download the scholarship application form.

3. Attach all required documents as mentioned above.

4. Forward your application by email to education@nwag.org.

Deadline: May 31st, 2024.

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