TAMU Computer Requirements

TAMU Computer Requirements: Texas A&M University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science equips students with computing knowledge and skills for impactful careers. The degree program provides foundational computer science education following guidelines from the Association for Computing Machinery and IEEE Computer Society. Through required core courses and electives, students gain theoretical understanding and practical abilities in computing. Schoolnewsportal

The computer science curriculum at TAMU covers topics like programming, algorithms, systems, theory, software engineering, and more. Students take additional coursework in mathematics, physics, and other sciences to complement their technical classes. With small classes and opportunities like research and internships, students receive personalized education and real-world experiences.

This article introduces prospective students to Texas A&M’s computer science program. It outlines the degree requirements, courses, and additional opportunities available in the program. For those interested in rigorous preparation for careers in technology, TAMU’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is an excellent choice that provides knowledge and skills highly valued in the computing industry.

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TAMU Computer Requirements

The computer science major at Texas A&M University aims to provide students with both depth and breadth in computing topics. The curriculum covers fundamental computer science areas like algorithms, programming, systems, and theory. Students also take advanced elective courses to develop expertise in subjects like artificial intelligence, computer networks, databases, and software engineering.

The degree program follows guidelines outlined by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and IEEE Computer Society for undergraduate computer science education. Courses help students build competencies in computational thinking, programming fundamentals, systems fundamentals, and more. Students have opportunities for hands-on learning, research, and industry experiences to complement coursework. TAMU Computer Requirements

Overview of Degree Requirements

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at TAMU, students must complete 120 credit hours. This includes 42 hours of computer science courses, 30 hours in supporting math and science courses, and 48 hours in general education and electives. Students must maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA in their major courses.

Computer Science Course Requirements

The computer science curriculum consists of core courses that all majors must take, plus technical electives that allow customization based on interests. Required core CS courses include:

– Introduction to Computer Science I and II – Foundational programming, algorithms, and data structures
– Computer Organization – Digital logic, processor internals, assembly language
– Discrete Math – Proof techniques, combinatorics, graph theory
– Probability and Statistics – Statistical analysis, random variables, modeling
– Operating Systems – OS design, concurrency, scheduling, memory management
– Automata Theory – Formal languages, computability, Turing machines
– Software Engineering – Software design, testing, project management
– Algorithm Analysis – Algorithmic complexity, NP-completeness, intractability

Students then select four advanced CS electives such as artificial intelligence, computer networks, cryptography, graphics, and more. This allows tailoring the degree based on interests in areas like software development, data science, cybersecurity, and others.

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Supporting Courses in Math and Sciences

In addition to CS courses, the program requires supporting coursework in mathematics and sciences including:

– Calculus I and II – Differential and integral calculus
– Linear Algebra – Matrix algebra, vector spaces, linear systems
– Physics I and II – Classical mechanics, electrostatics, circuits
– Additional lab science course – Chemistry or biology

This coursework provides foundations in analytical reasoning and the natural sciences that are essential for computer science. The physics and math courses also align with prerequisites for some upper-level computing topics.

General Education and Free Electives

The rest of the 120 credit hours are comprised of the university’s core curriculum and free electives. TAMU has designated specific courses to fulfill general education requirements in areas like:

– Communication
– Mathematics
– Life and Physical Sciences
– Language, Philosophy & Culture
– Creative Arts
– American History
– Government/Political Science
– Social & Behavioral Sciences

Students have 48 hours to complete the core curriculum and pursue elective courses that complement their interests. This could include minoring or double majoring in fields like business, engineering, mathematics, or digital media.

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Additional Program Information

Beyond the degree requirements, there are other important considerations for TAMU computer science students:

Admissions Requirements

TAMU has selective admissions criteria for the computer science major. Applicants are evaluated holistically, but strong performance in high school calculus, physics, and computer science courses can improve chances for admission. The middle 50% of accepted students have SAT scores between 1270-1450 and ACT scores between 28-33.


The computer science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. This assures the curriculum meets standards to produce graduates ready for computer science professions.

Opportunities Beyond Coursework

TAMU offers extensive resources and opportunities to augment computer science studies:

– Undergraduate research – Work directly with professors on cutting-edge research.
– Study abroad programs – Complete coursework at overseas universities.
– Internship program – Apply classroom knowledge in industry settings.
– Career fairs and recruitment – Connect with top tech companies for jobs and networking.
– Computing clubs – Join student organizations for competitions, hackathons and more.

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Graduation Outcomes

TAMU computer science graduates attain excellent outcomes after completing their degree:

– Employment at top technology companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and more
– Admission to prestigious graduate programs in computer science and engineering
– Six-figure starting salaries – Average of $97,000 for new graduates as of 2020
– Strong preparation for globally impactful careers in computing fields


Texas A&M University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides students with theoretical and practical foundations for computing careers. The curriculum covers core computer science topics while offering flexibility to specialize through electives. With small class sizes, research opportunities, and industry connections, the program enables graduates to positively impact the technology landscape. Prospective students interested in a rigorous yet rewarding computer science education should consider applying to the BSCS program at Texas A&M University.

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