Texas A&M Cheerleading Requirements

Texas A&M Cheerleading Requirements – Texas A&M University’s cheerleading program is well-known for its spirited and dynamic performances that inspire Aggie fans to show their support for their teams. Joining this esteemed group necessitates unwavering dedication, athleticism, and a profound enthusiasm for embodying the Aggie spirit. In this article, we will delve into the prerequisites for Texas A&M cheerleading, exploring the requisite skills, commitment, and opportunities that render it a highly coveted undertaking for aspiring cheerleaders. School News Portal
texas a&m cheerleading requirements
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To qualify as a Texas A&M cheerleader, candidates must initially demonstrate expertise in fundamental cheerleading proficiencies, encompassing tumbling, stunting, and dance. The team seeks individuals who can excel in diverse cheerleading disciplines and contribute to engendering an exhilarating ambiance at Aggie athletic events. Beyond physical prowess, prospective cheerleaders are expected to sustain an impressive academic standing, thereby mirroring the university’s steadfast dedication to excellence on and off the field.

Being a member of the Texas A&M cheerleading squad extends beyond merely leading cheers during games; it entails serving as an ambassador for the institution and cultivating the Aggie spirit within the community. Aspiring cheerleaders must be prepared for arduous training, extensive practice sessions, and an unwavering commitment to fostering school pride. In the ensuing sections, we will outline the specific prerequisites and steps indispensable for pursuing one’s aspiration of becoming a Texas A&M cheerleader.

Texas A&M Cheerleading Requirements

Before diving into the requirements, it’s essential to understand the legacy and prestige of the Texas A&M cheerleading program.

A Brief History

The Texas A&M cheerleading program has been an integral part of the school’s athletic and spirit culture. The Aggies, as they’re affectionately known, have showcased their spirit in various regional and national competitions, always aiming for excellence.

Current Overview

Today, the cheerleading squad at Texas A&M is not just about sideline support. They are athletes in their right, undergoing rigorous training, practicing complex routines, and representing the university at various events. Texas A&M Cheerleading Requirements

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Academic Standards

Texas A&M University prides itself on academic excellence. Therefore, maintaining a good GPA is crucial. Aspiring cheerleaders should ensure they are in good academic standing, as this plays a crucial role in eligibility.

Health and Fitness

Physical fitness is paramount. Prospective cheerleaders should be in top physical condition, as the sport requires strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination.

Skill-Based Requirements

Tumbling Skills

  • Jumps to tuck
  • Standing back handspring series
  • Running tumbling passes ending in full

Stunting Abilities

  • Fly in extensions, liberties, and heel stretches
  • Base or back-spot coed stunts such as toss hands, toss hands extension, and toss lib


While Texas A&M cheerleading is predominantly about stunting and tumbling, a basic understanding and execution of dance is necessary. A brief dance segment is typically part of the tryout process.

Personal Qualities

Dedication and Commitment: The life of a college cheerleader is demanding. It requires regular practice, workouts, games, and events. Prospective members should be ready to commit significant time and energy.

Teamwork: Cheerleading is a team sport. The ability to work cohesively with a team, trust your teammates, and communicate effectively is critical.

Adaptability: Routines can change, and members must be agile and adaptable, willing to learn, and make adjustments on the fly.

The Tryout Process

Preparation: Before the tryouts, it’s advisable to attend prep classes or clinics organized by the cheer program. These sessions can give you insights into what the judges are looking for.

Application: Ensure you fill out all necessary forms and provide any requested documentation.

Day of Tryout: Be punctual. Dress in the recommended attire, typically a white top, maroon shorts, and appropriate cheer shoes. Your hair should be neatly pulled back, and personal grooming is a must.

During the tryout, you’ll be evaluated on the skills mentioned above, plus your overall enthusiasm, spirit, and potential fit with the team.

Beyond Physical Skills: Understanding Aggie Traditions

Texas A&M University is steeped in traditions. From the “12th Man” to “Midnight Yell,” understanding and respecting these traditions is vital. As a cheerleader, you’ll be at the forefront of these traditions, so immersing yourself in Aggie culture is crucial.

Training and Ongoing Requirements

Once selected, the journey has just begun. Regular training sessions, workshops, and continuous skill upgrades are part of the journey. Texas A&M cheerleaders also participate in summer camps and other events to hone their skills.

SEO Tip for Prospective Cheerleaders

Researching and staying updated on the latest requirements can be advantageous. Consider subscribing to the Texas A&M cheerleading website or following their official social media channels. Regular updates, announcements, and tips are often shared that can give you an edge.


Texas A&M cheerleading is more than just a sport; it’s a commitment to excellence, tradition, and Aggie spirit. By understanding and meeting the requirements, you stand a chance to be part of a legacy that has been celebrated for years. So, if you have the passion, drive, and skills, the sidelines of Kyle Field could be your next stage. Gig ’em, Aggies!

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