Texas A&M Admission Requirements Out of State

Texas A&M Admission Requirements Out of State: Texas A&M University, the flagship institution of the Texas A&M University System, is one of the largest public universities in America with over 68,000 enrolled students. Located in College Station, Texas A&M is highly ranked for its prestigious engineering, agriculture, business, architecture and veterinary programs. However, as a public university, Texas A&M has more rigorous admission standards for out-of-state students compared to Texas residents. Out-of-state applicants must meet high academic thresholds and demonstrate their fit within the unique Aggies community. By achieving excellence in high school academics, pursuing meaningful extracurricular activities, and carefully completing the application materials, prospective students can overcome the admissions hurdles and realize their dream of attending this highly respected university.Texas A&M Admission Requirements Out of State

Gaining admission as an out-of-state student requires meeting demanding academic criteria, including a competitive high school GPA, high SAT/ACT test scores, advanced coursework and top-class rank. The middle 50% admitted GPA for non-residents is 3.90, while SAT scores range from 1260-1460. Applicants should also highlight their involvement in student organizations, sports, arts and volunteer work to showcase well-rounded interests. Additionally, submitting thoughtful application essays explaining background, goals and fit with Texas A&M is key.

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While admission for non-Texas residents is selective, applying early, leveraging scholarship opportunities, and emphasizing alignment with the university’s values can help out-of-state students overcome challenges. By achieving excellence in academics, extracurriculars and application materials, prospective students can realize their goal of attending one of the top public universities in America, Texas A&M.

Academic Profile Texas A&M seeks to admit out-of-state students who have demonstrated academic excellence in high school. Some of the key academic criteria are:

  • High School GPA – For out-of-state students, the average admitted GPA is 3.90 (out of 4.0). A competitive GPA for admission would be 3.75 or higher. The GPA is calculated based on core academic courses in English, Math, Science, Social Sciences and Foreign Language.
  • Standardized Test Scores – Texas A&M requires either SAT or ACT scores for admission. The middle 50% SAT score range for out-of-state admitted students is 1260-1460. For the ACT, the middle 50% composite score range is 28-33. Applicants in the top percentiles have the highest chances for admission.schoolnewsportal
  • Class Rank – Being in the top percentages of the graduating class strengthens an applicant’s academic profile. The average class rank for out-of-state students accepted is top 6%.
  • Rigorous High School Curriculum – Students are expected to complete a thorough college-prep curriculum with advanced, honors or AP courses especially in the core subjects. An ambitious course load with stellar grades is preferred.

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Extracurricular Activities

Texas A&M seeks well-rounded students who are engaged outside the classroom as well. Strong participation in extracurricular activities like student organizations, sports, arts, volunteer work or work experience is beneficial. Leadership in activities reveals a student’s passions, talents and initiative. Unique experiences can provide an edge over other applicants.

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Application Materials

Out-of-state students must submit the following for admission consideration:

  • Application form and application fee – The ApplyTexas application includes sections for academic history, extracurricular activities, essays and more. The $75 application fee is required for submission.
  • Official high school transcript
  • Standardized test scores – Sent directly from the SAT/ACT.
  • Letters of Recommendation – One from a counsellor and one from a teacher are recommended.
  • Essays – Applicants must complete one extended personal statement essay explaining their background, interests and goals aligned with A&M.
  • Interview – An interview may be recommended by the admissions office to strengthen the application.

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When to Apply

Texas A&M has a priority fall application deadline of November 1st and a final deadline of December 1st. Applying early before the priority dates increases chances of admission and scholarship considerations. The university notifications are sent out between January and March.

Transfer Admission

Texas A&M also welcomes out-of-state transfer students who have completed college coursework at an accredited institution. Transfer applicants are evaluated primarily on their college academic performance. Competitive applicants typically have a 3.50 or higher cumulative college GPA with at least 30 transferable credits. The application deadline for fall transfer is July 1st.

Costs and Scholarships

As an out-of-state student, the estimated annual cost of attending Texas A&M University is $48,776 including tuition, fees, room, board and other expenses. This is over double the in-state tuition. However, there are several merit-based scholarships available for qualifying non-resident students that can reduce the costs. These include the Aggie Assurance Program, Regents’ Scholarship, Century Scholars Program and competitive college scholarships. Needs-based financial aid is also available for eligible students.

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Gaining admission to Texas A&M University as an out-of-state student can be challenging due to the high academic standards and competition for admission. However, for students who achieve excellence in high school, pursue leadership activities and communicate their fit for the Aggies community, being accepted is an attainable goal. Meeting all the admission benchmarks – from GPA, test scores, course rigour and extracurriculars – is necessary to become a competitive applicant and set yourself apart. With early planning and leveraging all opportunities available, prospective students can overcome the out-of-state admission hurdles and realize their dream of attending one of the premier public universities in the nation.

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