University of Sunderland Fees for International Students

Rooted in the municipality of Sunderland, the University of Sunderland is an internationally recognized university in the United Kingdom (UK). The school admits many international students every year.

Those who choose the University of Sunderland choose it because of its high academic standards. If you think of a university in the United Kingdom that has made so much impact on the global student community, you think of the University of Sunderland.

A good question to answer about this wonderful university is how much are its fees for international students.

International Students Fees at the University of Sunderland

The tuition fees that you will pay as an international student at the University of Sunderland depend on your level of study. It also depends on whether you are from the Republic of Ireland or not.

The tuition fees for all undergraduate international students who are not inside of the United Kingdom and are not from the Republic of Ireland pay £16,000 every year. Where available, the university will reduce the fees of all international students by £1,400.

One thing that all international students going to Sunderland University should bear in mind is that the university authorities will not allow them to study as part-time students as long as they come to the United Kingdom with a student visa.

If you are going to the University of Sunderland to study as a postgraduate international student, your tuition fees will be different from those going there for undergraduate courses. The tuition fees for postgraduate international students are not uniform.

Each full-time postgraduate student gets the tuition fees that he will pay from his course page because the fees vary according to the course of study. Depending on availability, all international postgraduate students will get a reduction of £1,900 irrespective of their course of study. Note that postgraduate courses at the University of Sunderland do not last more than one full year.

Postgraduate Research Tuition Fees at the University of Sunderland

The tuition fees that international postgraduate research students pay at the University of Sunderland depend on whether they are studying full-time or part-time. All international postgraduate research students living full-time on-campus pay £13,500 yearly.

If you live part-time on-campus, you will pay £8,500 every year. If you are a full-time postgraduate research student doing distance learning, your tuition fee is £8,000 a year. Those who are part-time distance learners pay £8,000 a year.

If you are a postgraduate student going for a Doctorate of Business Administration, bear in mind that your fee is £8,000 a year because you can only study this course on a part-time basis. Those going for Creative Works will pay £7,000 every year as this course can only be studied part-time.

Professional Doctorate research students pay £8,000 yearly because they can only study this course part-time. Bear in mind that these fees do not include the amount that you will spend on consumables. If your research work demands that you travel out of the city, you will have to bear the cost of your travel.

You will have to pay for whatever else that you will need for your research. In addition, bear in mind that write-up fees are different from the stated fees here. The best thing to do in this case is to reach out to the university’s Graduate Research Support team at

If telephoning is easier for you, you can reach the team on 0191 515 2073. Better still, you can reach the team on 0191 515 2272 for proper up-to-date tuition fee information.

One regrettable thing about the University of Sunderland is that it does not allow international students who come to the United Kingdom (UK) with student visas to do its courses part-time. Therefore, you must be ready to do all courses full-time. The good side of the story is that the United Kingdom government is ready to help all international students who come to study PhD courses.

The University of Sunderland Entry Requirements

For you to go to the University of Sunderland to study for any of the degrees that it offers, you must meet the entry requirements for the course you intend to read. For those whose native language is not English, they need a minimum qualification for the English Language tests that the school recognise.

One such is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in which you must score a minimum of 6.0. In the components of writing, reading, speaking and listening, you must not score less than 5.5 in each of them.

Another English Language test that the University of Sunderland recognises is the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). In this case, your score must not be less than 180. Alternatively, you can decide to take the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CCAE) test with a minimum score of 170.

The University of Sunderland will consider those who have O-Level English Language with scores of B2 or C1. If your test is based on Malaysia Common European Framework Reference (CEFR), you must not have anything less than grade 6.  For those who want to read Law with this test, the school will only allow grades 1 to 3.

If you already have a degree where your learning language is English, the school will consider you for a postgraduate course provided you have the proof.

If you have Distinction or Merit in Trinity Integrated Skills in English, the University of Sunderland will equally consider you for admission. If your course needs a higher score in any of the tests above, you must meet such requirements before the University of Sunderland will accept you to read such a course.

The advice is that you carefully read your course description to avoid disqualification. If you fall short of any of the English requirements, you have the alternative of taking English for Academic Purpose (EAP) in the school before the start of your course. Where you are in doubt, the best thing is to write

How to Apply to the University of Sunderland

Though there are many ways you can apply to the University of Sunderland, the best way is to apply to the university online. In this case, you visit the university’s official website.

On the website, click the course you intend to read. You will see the “Apply” link that will lead you to an application form. Fill the form out and submit it. The university admission team will start the admission process with you.


The University of Sunderland is a prestigious university to attend in the whole of the United Kingdom. The school has the pride of giving its best high academic performance to all international students. No international student has gone there and regretted it. Therefore, be there!

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