Upcoming concerts in the United Arab Emirates 

If you are a fan of blues rock and music in general and have long dreamed of visiting the largest and most popular cities of the UAE, this article is for you! We will tell you for which performers it is worth escaping to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as give a couple of tips and recommendations on how to feel as comfortable as possible in these huge megacities of one of the hottest countries in the world.

And here is the first of them. The UAE requires a car. And it is better to get behind the vehicle immediately upon arrival in the country. We advise you to consider the option of Abu Dhabi airport car rental if you arrive in the capital. With a rented car you have much higher mobility. Besides, you have freedom of movement and the opportunity to visit the largest number of places. You can even take a tour from Abu Dhabi to Dubai with the help of hired car. Whatever your heart desires! You can rent any car you want, even some unusual ones. Plus it helps to cope with the heat that stays during the whole day. 

So, we are transported to the sunny UAE to our performers. What awaits us? 

On May 7 in Abu Dhabi you will have a chance to attend a concert of the legendary Backstreet Boys. The Backstreet Boys were formed in 1993 in Florida, where high school graduates decided to found a band and name it after one of the local markets, which in the evening became a gathering place for young people. That’s how mini-concerts began in schools, shopping malls and nightclubs, which have now grown into large-scale concerts designed for thousands of people. So, for example, it will be in Abu Dhabi, in the Etihad Arena, which has a capacity of 18,000 people.

A month later, on June 1, another cult group, Guns N’ Roses, will arrive in Abu Dhabi. Who hasn’t heard about these hard rock guys who shook in the 90’s? Guns N’ Roses are, of course, more rifles than roses: they “shoot” more with their music and their manner than they “smell gently”. Scandalous stories, defiant behavior, landfills at concerts – all this constantly attracts attention to them and arouses increased interest. And you will be able to plunge into this atmosphere in the same Etihad Arena.

That’s it, time to go to Dubai. Here it is some necessary useful tips that you should know:

  1. Currency is best exchanged in private exchange offices, no additional documents are required for this;
  2. You should choose clothes for a walk very carefully – extravagant and bright outfits, as well as too revealing clothes can cause misunderstanding;
  3. In large shopping malls and restaurants, you can pay with international credit cards. As for cash, some markets and stores may accept US dollars, but the exchange rate will be significantly underestimated. But watch out how much you spend;
  4. The attitude to alcohol in Dubai is ambiguous. Being drunk on the street is considered as a violation of public order and in some cases may result in punishment in the form of a large monetary fine;
  5. Travelers should consider several local rules of etiquette. When entering a house or mosque, you should take off your shoes. You should receive and transfer money, food and other items only with your right hand.

Meanwhile, Tom Jones, a British singer who has managed to become a true legend in his genre of music for many years, is coming to Burj Al Arab on June 6. His compositions “She’s a Lady” and “Sex Bomb” became immortal hits and brought the musician international success. 

Our tour ends in Dubai Opera House, where M83, a French electronic music group, will perform. Their music will carry you through all the feelings and emotions with the help of their melody: from the slow and moody song “Wait” to the electrifying tune of “Lazer Guns”.

Have a nice trip – let the music take you to another more wonderful world!

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