Binghamton academic calendar for 2022/2023 session

Binghamton academic calendar – The management of Binghamton University has announced the release of its 2022-2023 academic calendar. Binghamton University operates on a year-round academic schedule which includes a fall and spring semester, and a winter and summer session.

If you’re looking for the 2022-2023 Binghamton University calendar, then you’ve come to the right page. In this post, you will find all the important dates, academic events, and deadlines on the 2022-2023 Binghamton University academic calendar.

Binghamton University Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Binghamton academic calendar

See the 2022-2023 Binghamton University Academic Calendar below:

Summer 2022

Date Activity
Tuesday May 31st Summer Session on-campus session 1 begins
Friday July 1st Summer Session 1 ends
Monday July 4th Summer Session 2 begins
Monday July 11th Summer Session on-campus session 2 begins
Friday August 12th Summer session on-campus session 2 ends


Fall 2022

Date Activity
Thursday August 18th – Saturday August 20th New Student Move-in and Welcome Program
Friday August 19th – Sunday August 21st Returning Student Move-in
Tuesday August 23rd Classes begin
Monday September 5th No classes (Labor Day)
Tuesday September 6th Monday classes meet (not Tuesday classes)
Tuesday September 6th Add/Drop Deadline
Monday September 26th – Tuesday September 27th No classes (Rosh Hashanah)
Wednesday September 28th Academic Assessment Period from 9/28 – 9/30
Friday September 30th  – Sunday October 2nd Family weekend
Tuesday October 4th Classes dismiss at 1 p.m. (Yom Kippur)
Wednesday October 5th No classes (Yom Kippur)
Friday October 7th – Sunday October 9th Homecoming weekend
Thursday October 20th  – Sunday October 23rd No classes (fall break)
Monday October 24th Classes resume
Friday October 28th Grade Option Change deadline 4:30pm
Friday October 28th Course Withdrawal deadline
Wednesday November 23rd – Sunday November 27th No classes (Thanksgiving break)
Wednesday November 23Rd Residence halls close at 10 a.m.
Sunday November 27th Residence halls open at 2 p.m.
Monday November 28th Classes resume
Friday December 9th Last day of classes
Saturday December 10th – Sunday December 11th Reading days
Monday December 12th – Friday December 16th Final examinations
Saturday December 17th Residence halls close at 10 a.m.


Winter 2023

Date Activity
Monday December 19th Winter session begins
Saturday December 24th – Monday January 2nd No classes (winter break)
Tuesday January 3rd Classes resume (winter session)
Friday January 13th Winter session ends


Spring 2023

Date Activity
Saturday January 14th Residence halls open for new Binghamton University students only
Sunday January 15th Residence halls open to all students
Tuesday January 17th Classes begin
Monday January 30th Add/Drop Deadline
Tuesday February 21st Academic Assessment Day
Thursday March 2nd – Sunday March 5th No classes
Friday March 17th Course Withdrawal deadline
Friday March 17th Grade Option Change deadline 4:30pm
Saturday April 1st – Monday April 10th No classes (Passover/Easter/spring break)
Saturday April 1st Residence halls close at 10 a.m.
Monday April 10th Residence halls open at 10 a.m.
Tuesday April 11th Classes resume
Wednesday April 12th Monday classes meet (not Wednesday classes)
Tuesday May 2nd Friday classes meet (not Tuesday classes)
Thursday May 4th Last day of classes
Friday May 5th Final examinations
Saturday May 6th – Sunday May 7th Reading days
Monday May 8th – Thursday May 11th Final examinations
Thursday May 11th – Friday May 12th Senior Days
Friday May 12th Residence halls close for non-seniors at 10 a.m.
Friday May 12th – Sunday May 14th Commencement ceremonies
Monday May 15th Residence halls close for seniors at 10 a.m.


There you have it! The complete 2022-2023 Binghamton University Academic Calendar.

About Binghamton University

Binghamton University: The State University of New York is a well-known tertiary institution located in the United States. The institution overs students a wide range of prestigious graduate and undergraduate programs.

The University currently has over 200 top notch undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to six great school of thoughts. Let’s take a look at the available programs at the Binghamton University.

Binghamton University Undergraduate Programs

Binghamton University Undergraduate programs are listed alphabetically below.

  1. Accounting (BS)
  2. Africana Studies (BA)
  3. Anthropology (BA, BS)
  4. Arabic Studies (BA)
  5. Art and Design (BA)
  6. Art and Design: Drawing (BA, BFA)
  7. Art and Design: Graphic Design (BA, BFA)
  8. Art and Design: Painting (BA, BFA)
  9. Art and Design: Photography (BA)
  10. Art and Design: Printmaking (BA, BFA)
  11. Art and Design: Sculpture (BA, BFA)
  12. Art History (BA)
  13. Art History: Architecture and Urban Studies (BA)
  14. Asian and Asian American Studies: Comparative Studies (BA)
  15. Asian and Asian American Studies: Diaspora (BA)
  16. Asian and Asian American Studies: South Asian Studies (BA)
  17. Biochemistry (BS)
  18. Biological Sciences (BA, BS)
  19. Biomedical Engineering (BS)
  20. Business Administration (BS)
  21. Business Administration: Business Analytics (BS)
  22. Business Administration: Consulting and Leadership (BS)
  23. Business Administration: Entrepreneurship (BS)
  24. Business Administration: Finance (BS)
  25. Business Administration: Management Information Systems (BS)
  26. Business Administration: Marketing (BS)
  27. Business Administration: Quantitative Finance (BS)
  28. Business Administration: Supply Chain Management (BS)
  29. Chemistry (BA, BS)
  30. Chemistry: ACS Certified (BS)
  31. Chemistry: Biological Chemistry (BS)
  32. Chemistry: Materials (BA, BS)
  33. Chinese Studies (BA)
  34. Cinema (BA)
  35. Classical Civilization (BA)
  36. Classics, Greek and Latin (BA)
  37. Comparative Literature (BA)
  38. Computer Engineering (BS)
  39. Computer Science (BS)
  40. Economics (BA)
  41. Economics: Economic Analysis (BS)
  42. Economics: Economic Policy Analysis (BS)
  43. Economics: Financial Economics (BS)
  44. English (BA)
  45. English: Creative Writing (BA)
  46. English: Creative Writing and Global Culture (BA)
  47. English: Global Culture (BA)
  48. English: Rhetoric (BA)
  49. English: Rhetoric and Global Culture (BA)
  50. Environmental Science: Earth Systems (BA, BS)
  51. Environmental Science: Ecosystems (BS)
  52. Environmental Science: Environmental Systems (BS)
  53. Environmental Studies: Economic Systems (BA)
  54. Environmental Studies: Ecosystems (BA)
  55. Environmental Studies: Sustainable Systems (BA)
  56. French and Francophone Studies (BA)
  57. French Language and Linguistics (BA)
  58. Geography (BA)
  59. Geography: Computer Applications in Human-Environmental Analysis (BA)
  60. Geography: Environmental and Resource Management (BA)
  61. Geography: Urban and Regional Planning (BA)
  62. Geography: Urban: Economic/Retailing Emphasis (BA)
  63. Geological Sciences (BA, BS)
  64. Geological Sciences: Environmental Geology (BS)
  65. German Studies (BA)
  66. Hebrew Studies (BA)
  67. History (BA)
  68. Human Development (BS)
  69. Industrial and Systems Engineering (BS)
  70. Integrative Neuroscience (BS)
  71. Italian (BA)
  72. Japanese Studies (BA)
  73. Judaic Studies (BA)
  74. Korean Studies (BA)
  75. Latin (BA)
  76. Latin American and Caribbean Studies (BA)
  77. Linguistics (BA)
  78. Mathematical Sciences (BA, BS)
  79. Mathematical Sciences: Actuarial Sciences (BA, BS)
  80. Mathematical Sciences: Statistics (BA)
  81. Mechanical Engineering (BS)
  82. Medieval and Early Modern Studies (BA)
  83. Music (BA, MusB)
  84. Musical Theatre (BFA)
  85. Nursing (BS)
  86. Philosophy (BA)
  87. Philosophy, Politics and Law (BA)
  88. Physics (BA, BS)
  89. Physics: Applied and Engineering Physics (BS)
  90. Physics: Mathematical Physics (BS)
  91. Political Science (BA)
  92. Psychology (BA)
  93. Psychology: Autism Spectrum Disorder (BA)
  94. Psychology: Foundations in Psychology (BA)
  95. Russian Studies: Area Studies (BA)
  96. Russian Studies: Literary and Cultural Studies (BA)
  97. Social Work (BSW)
  98. Sociology (BA)
  99. Spanish (BA)
  100. Theatre (BA)
  101. Theatre: Acting/Directing (BA)
  102. Theatre: Dance (BA)
  103. Theatre: Design/Technical (BA)
  104. Women Gender and Sexuality Studies (BA)

Binghamton University Graduate Programs

Binghamton University Graduate programs are listed below.

  1. Business and Accounting
  2. Accounting
  3. Business Administration
  4. Management
  5. Community and Public Affairs
  6. Community Research and Action
  7. Human Rights
  8. Local Government Management (Certificate Only)
  9. Non-Profit Administration (Certificate Only)
  10. Public Administration
  11. Public Administration-Sustainable Communities (Double Degree)
  12. Public Administration-Systems Science (Double Degree)
  13. Social Work-Public Administration (Dual-Degree)
  14. Social Work-Spanish (Dual-Degree)
  15. Social Work-Student Affairs Administration (Dual-Degree)
  16. Student Affairs Administration
  17. Student Affairs Administration-Public Administration (Dual-Degree)
  18. Education and Teaching
  19. Community Schools (Certificate Only)
  20. Education, Adolescence
  21. Education, Childhood and Early Childhood
  22. Education, Literacy
  23. Education, Special
  24. Education, TESOL
  25. Educational Leadership (CAS) (Certificate Only)
  26. Educational Studies
  27. Educational Theory and Practice
  28. Engineering and Computer Science
  29. Engineering and Computer Science
  30. Complex Systems Science and Engineering (Certificate Only)
  31. Computer Science
  32. Cybersecurity (Certificate Only)
  33. Engineering, Biomedical
  34. Engineering, Electrical and Computer
  35. Engineering, Industrial and Systems
  36. Engineering, Mechanical
  37. Health Systems
  38. Information Systems
  39. Systems Science
  40. Fine Arts and Humanities
  41. Art History
  42. Asian and Asian American Studies
  43. Cinema
  44. Comparative Literature
  45. English
  46. French
  47. German Cultural Studies (Certificate Only)
  48. Italian
  49. Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Certificate Only)
  50. Music
  51. Philosophy – Social, Political, Ethical and Legal
  52. Spanish
  53. Spanish-Social Work (Dual-Degree)
  54. Theatre
  55. Translation Studies
  56. Interdisciplinary Programs
  57. Data Analytics
  58. Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention
  59. Materials Science and Engineering
  60. Professional Science Master’s – Materials Science and Engineering (Certificate Only)
  61. Sustainable Communities
  62. Sustainable Communities-Public Archaeology (Double Degree)
  63. Nursing and Health Sciences
  64. Disaster Management (Certificate Only)
  65. Forensic Health (Certificate Only)
  66. Nursing Education (Certificate Only)
  67. Nursing PhD
  68. Nursing, Adult-Gerontological
  69. Nursing, Community Health
  70. Nursing, Family Health
  71. Nursing, Family Psychiatric Mental Health
  72. Occupational Therapy, Post-Professional OTD (online only)
  73. Public Health
  74. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  75. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  76. Pharmacy
  77. Science and Mathematics
  78. Biochemistry
  79. Biological Sciences
  80. Chemistry
  81. Evolutionary Studies (Certificate Only)
  82. Geological Sciences
  83. Mathematical Sciences
  84. Physics
  85. Professional Science Management (Certificate Only)
  86. Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience
  87. Psychology, Clinical Science
  88. Psychology, Cognitive
  89. Statistics
  90. Social Sciences
  91. Anthropology
  92. Anthropology, Biomedical
  93. Economics
  94. Geography
  95. History
  96. Political Science
  97. Professional Science Master’s – Biomedical Anthropology (Certificate Only)
  98. Professional Science Master’s – Geography (Certificate Only)


The Binghamton University Academic Calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session is out. Check the deadline dates and important events in this academic session in this post. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to drop a message for us below in the comment box. Thanks

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