Embry Riddle Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Embry Riddle Academic Calendar –  Embry Riddle Aeronautical University publishes academic calendars to provide students, faculty, and staff with important information related to the scheduling of classes, holidays, and significant academic events occurring during the academic year. The Embry Riddle academic calendar provides details on critical deadlines for current students regarding registration, adding or dropping classes, applying for graduation, and withdrawing from classes. It also highlights class start and end dates, exam schedules, study days, commencement ceremonies, and breaks.

The calendar encompasses the full academic year, which is divided into three primary semesters- Fall, Spring, and Summer, consisting of an A and B term in the summer. Each semester’s calendar delineates notable dates specific to that period. The Fall 2023 semester bridges the latter half of August until mid-December. It commences with the first day of classes on August 28th and concludes with commencement ceremonies on December 16th. The Spring 2024 semester spans early January through early May, beginning on January 10th and finishing on May 4th with graduation. The summer terms divide the summer months between May 14th – June 24th (Term A), and July 2nd – August 12th (Term B).

In addition to denoting academic deadlines and events, the calendar indicates university closures for holidays and breaks. These include Labor Day (September 4th), Fall Break (October 12-13), Thanksgiving (November 22-26), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15th), President’s Day (February 19th), Spring Break (March 11-15), Memorial Day (May 27th), Independence Day (July 4th) and Juneteenth (June 19th). Date ranges indicate periods with no classes in session. Overall, the Embry Riddle academic calendar provides comprehensive scheduling information for students, faculty, and staff across the Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 academic sessions.

Embry Riddle Academic Calendar 2023-2024:

Fall 2023 Semester


Aug. 28 – First Day of Classes


Sept. 1 – Last day to add classes; Last day to drop with 100% refund

Sept. 4 – Holiday – Labor Day

Sept. 15 – Last day to drop classes

Sept. 16 – “W” grades begin for dropped classes

Sept. 22 – Last day to complete “I” grades

Sept. 29 – Last day to apply for Fall Graduation


Oct. 5 – No Classes – Fall Expo

Oct. 10 – Follow Thursday Class Schedule

Oct. 12-13 – No Classes – Fall Break

Oct. 13 – Midterm grades due


Nov. 6 – Spring/Summer 2024 Registration for Seniors, Masters

Nov. 8 – Spring/Summer 2024 Registration for Juniors

Nov. 10 – Holiday – Veterans Day

Nov. 13 – Spring/Summer 2024 Registration for Sophomores

Nov. 15 – Spring/Summer 2024 Registration for Freshmen

Nov. 17 – Last day to withdraw or audit Fall 2023 classes

Nov. 22-26 – Holiday – Thanksgiving


Dec. 7 – Last Day of Classes

Dec. 8 – Study Day

Dec. 9, 11-14 – Final Exams

Dec. 16 – Commencement

Spring 2024 Semester


Jan. 10 – First Day of Classes

Jan. 15 – Holiday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 17 – Last day to add classes; Last day to drop with 100% refund

Jan. 31 – Last day to apply for Spring Graduation; Last day to drop classes


Feb. 1 – “W” grades begin for dropped classes

Feb. 7 – Last day to complete “I” grades for Fall

Feb. 19 – Holiday – Presidents’ Day

Feb. 28 – Midterm grades due


March 4 – Fall 2023 Registration for Seniors, Masters

March 6 – Fall 2023 Registration for Juniors

March 11-15 – Spring Break

March 18 – Registration for Sophomores

March 20 – Registration for current Freshmen


April 3 – Last day to withdraw or audit classes

April 25 – Last Day of Classes

April 26 – Study Day

April 27, 29-30 – Final Exams


May 1,2 – Final Exams

May 4 – Commencement

Summer Semester (Term A) 2024

(May 14-June 24)

TBD – AMS Classes Begin*

May 14 – Classes Begin

May 27 – Holiday – Memorial Day

June 19 – Holiday – Juneteenth

June 20 – Last Day of Classes

June 21 – Study Day

June 22 & 24 – Final Examinations

*AMS Technical Track (A&P courses). Orientation for these courses will be the day before the courses start. Contact the AMS department for more information.

Summer Semester (Term B) 2024

(July 2-Aug. 12)

July 2 – Classes Begin

July 4 – Holiday – Independence Day

Aug. 8 – Last Day of Classes

Aug. 9 – Study Day

Aug. 10 & 12 – Final Examinations


In conclusion, the detailed Embry Riddle academic calendar presented above delivers vital scheduling data to all the university constituents across the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. By consulting this central information source, students can more effectively plan their academic coursework and coordinate important deadlines. Likewise, faculty and staff benefit from the calendar’s overview as they schedule curriculum, activities, and events. Overall, the calendar promotes organization, forethought, and coordination throughout the institution from year to year.

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