MSUM Academic Calendar 2023/2024

MSUM Academic Calendar – Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1885 as a teachers’ college dedicated to educating generations of Minnesota students. Originally named Moorhead Normal School, MSUM expanded over time into a fully accredited university focused on teaching, creative thinking and global understanding across liberal arts and professional programs. Now entering its 139th year, MSUM continues to foster student growth and academic achievement from its park-like campus along the Red River.

As a comprehensive public university, MSUM upholds excellence in teaching, scholarship and learning across more than 80 undergraduate and 15 graduate degree options under three academic colleges. The 2023-2024 academic calendar outlines important scheduling details, deadlines and key dates guiding the MSUM community through the upcoming school year. This includes vital semester information on class registration periods, drop/add deadlines, break schedules, final exams, grade submissions, ceremonies and more for the winter session, spring term, summer sessions and fall semester.

Whether enrolled on campus, online or hybrid, MSUM students can reference this calendar while navigating their degree journey. By thoughtfully aligning assignments, tuition payments and other commitments around these deadlines, students are empowered to unlock their potential. With small class sizes and a vibrant campus culture focused on each learner’s growth, MSUM has opened doors for thousands of alumni to lead purposeful and prosperous lives since 1885.

Winter Session 2023-2024

October 16, 2023: Winter Session Registration Opens

November 14, 2023: Winter Session Bills Available

December, 2023: Announcement of Low-Enrollment Course Cancellations

December 18, 2023: First Day of Winter Session Classes

January 5, 2024: Last Day of Winter Session Classes

February 12, 2024: Winter Session Payments Due

Spring Semester 2024

January 4-5, 2024: Faculty Duty Days

January 4-5, 2024: Registration & Orientation

January 8, 2024: First Day of Spring Classes

January 12, 2024: Drop/Add Deadline at 4pm

January 15, 2024: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – No Classes

January 29, 2024: Pass/Fail Deadline

February 12, 2024: Spring Tuition Due Date

February 26, 2024: Fall 2024 Academic Advising Begins

March 1, 2024: Spring Semester Midterm Point

March 11-15, 2024: Spring Break – No Classes

March 25, 2024: Fall 2024 Class Registration Opens

March 29-April 1, 2024: Non-Instructional & Non-Duty Days – No Classes

April 23, 2024: Student Academic Conference – No Day Classes, Classes After 4:30pm Are Held

May 1, 2024: Study Day – No Day Classes, Classes After 4:30pm Are Held

May 2-8, 2024: Spring Final Exams

May 9, 2024: Spring Grading Day

May 10, 2024: Spring Commencement

May 10, 2024: Faculty Spring Grades Due by 4:30pm

Summer Session 2024

May 15, 2024: First Day of Classes for 3-Week Session A, 4-Week Session D, 5-Week Session F, 6-Week Session G, 8-Week Session H, Full Term J

May 21, 2024: Drop/Add Deadline By 4:30pm for Sessions A, D, F, G, H, J

May 27, 2024: Memorial Day – No Classes

June 3, 2024: 8-Week Session I Classes Begin

June 5, 2024: Last Day of 3-Week Session A Classes

June 4, 2024: Drop/Add Deadline By 4:30pm for Session I

June 12, 2024: Financial Aid Disbursed

June 12, 2024: Last Day of 4-Week Session D Classes

June 12, 2024: First Day of 3-Week Session B Classes

June 14, 2024: Summer Tuition Due Date

June 14, 2024: Drop/Add Deadline By 4:30pm for 3-Week Session B

June 19, 2024: Juneteenth Holiday – No Classes

June 20, 2024: Last Day of 5-Week Session F Classes

June 24, 2024: Start of 4-Week Session E Classes

June 25, 2024: Drop/Add Deadline By 4:30pm for 4-Week Session E

July 1, 2024: Last Day of 6-Week Session G Classes

July 3, 2024: Last Day of 3-Week Session B Classes

July 4, 2024: July 4th Holiday Observed – No Classes

July 8, 2024: First Day of 3-Week Session C Classes

July 9, 2024: Drop/Add Deadline By 4:30pm for 3-Week Session C

July 10, 2024: Last Day of 8-Week Session H Classes

July 22, 2024: Last Day of 4-Week Session E Classes

July 26, 2024: Last Day of 3-Week Session C Classes, 8-Week Session I Classes and Full Term Summer Session J

July 26, 2024: End of Summer Session

Fall Semester 2024

August 20-23, 2024: Faculty Duty Days

August 22, 2024: Campus Move-In Day

August 22-25, 2024: Welcome Week

August 26, 2024: First Day of Fall Classes

August 30, 2024: Fall Drop/Add Deadline at 4pm

September 2, 2024: Labor Day Holiday – No Classes

September 10, 2024: Pass/Fail Deadline

September 23, 2024: Spring & Summer 2025 Academic Advising Begins

October 7, 2024: Fall Tuition Due Date

October 11, 2024: Fall Semester Midterm Point

October 14, 2024: Faculty Development Day – No Day Classes, Classes After 4:30pm Are Held

October 15, 2024: Spring & Summer 2025 Class Registration Opens

November 11, 2024: Veterans Day Holiday – No Classes

November 27-29, 2024: Fall Break – No Classes

December 11, 2024: Study Day – No Day Classes, Classes After 4:30pm Are Held

December 12-18, 2024: Fall Final Exams

December 19, 2024: Fall Commencement

December 20, 2024: Faculty Fall Grades Due by 4:30pm


Minnesota State University Moorhead’s 2023-2024 academic calendar provides students and faculty key scheduling details and deadlines for the school year. By planning institutional activities well in advance, MSUM assists their community in balancing the many engaging academics, events, breaks and traditions that make this university an enriching educational environment. The calendar serves as a valuable planner for students pursuing their studies at one of Minnesota’s exceptional public liberal arts universities.


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