TAP TAMU Change of Major Requirements and Deadline

TAP TAMU Change of Major Requirements and Deadline – Commencing a fulfilling and meaningful professional journey begins with the selection of an appropriate academic discipline during one’s collegiate years. However, it is important to note that the interests, skills, and objectives of students at TAMU to transition between different colleges and change their majors within the university, provided often evolve as individuals gain new experiences and perspectives. In the case of students enrolled at Texas A&M University, who come to the realization that their original chosen field no longer resonates with them, there is indeed an opportunity to alter their academic trajectory through the Transition Academic Programs (TAP) procedure. Schoolnewsportal

The TAP program allows students at TAMU to transition between different colleges and change their majors within the university, provided they meet specific eligibility requirements. While success is not guaranteed, engaging in the TAP application cycles and review procedures can potentially open up the possibility of this crucial academic transition.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore every aspect of the prerequisites, timeline, and procedure for changing majors through TAP at TAMU. From understanding the eligibility criteria and gathering application materials to crafting a compelling essay and adhering to strict deadlines, this article will break down the essential details that students contemplating a change in major should be aware of. Thoughtful planning and preparation are essential in navigating TAP successfully and unlocking new opportunities.

TAP TAMU Change of Major Requirements and Deadline
Source: tap.tamu.edu

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TAP TAMU Change of Major Requirements and Deadline

What is TAP?

TAP stands for Transition Academic Programs and is Texas A&M’s internal transfer process that allows students to transition between colleges on campus as well as change majors. The TAP portal is where all change of major applications are submitted and processed.

To change majors at TAMU, you must meet certain requirements and apply through TAP during an open application cycle. The colleges you are transferring out of and into will review your application before approving or denying your major change request.

It’s important to understand that changing majors is not guaranteed. Each college and department has its own specific standards and capacity limits on transfers. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The more competitive your application, the better chance you have of getting approved.

TAP Application Cycles

There are three TAP application cycles each academic year: TAP TAMU Change of Major Requirements and Deadline

Fall: Opens early March, closes early April
Spring: Opens mid-September, closes early October
Summer: Opens mid-February, closes mid-March

Once a cycle closes, you must wait for the next cycle to open in order to submit a new change of major request. It’s crucial to plan ahead and apply as early as possible within your desired cycle. Applications submitted right before the deadline are less likely to get approved.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to change majors through TAP, you must meet certain minimum requirements:

– Completed at least 1 semester at TAMU
– Earned at least 12 credit hours
– Have a minimum 2.0 GPA
– Be in good academic standing

Additional requirements may apply depending on the program you want to transfer into. Several colleges have higher GPA expectations ranging from 2.5 to 3.0. Competitive majors like business, engineering and architecture have additional prerequisites and benchmarks required.

Review all eligibility criteria for your desired major before applying. Students who do not meet the requirements will automatically be denied.

Gathering Your Materials

A complete TAP application includes:

– Official transcripts
– Resume
– Change of Major Essay
– Supplemental documents (if required)

Make sure you have current copies of all necessary paperwork. The resume and essay specifically should be customized for each major you are applying to. Thoroughly read the transfer guidelines for your desired college and tailor these materials accordingly.

Some programs also require letters of recommendation, test scores, or completion of specific coursework. Confirm whether you need any supplemental items before submitting.

Composing Your Essay

The change of major essay is a critical component that allows you to explain your motivations and fit for the new program. Take time to thoughtfully craft this short 500 word personal statement.

Follow these tips to write an engaging, compelling essay:

– Briefly explain your initial reasons for choosing your current major and what changed. Be honest but remain positive.
– Share why you are drawn to your new major without disparaging other fields. Convey genuine interest.
– Demonstrate you understand what the new major entails by mentioning specific courses or concentrations that excite you.
– Highlight relevant experience, activities, skills and strengths that make you well suited for this program. Draw clear connections.
– Close by reaffirming your passion for the major and career field. Convey focus, maturity and commitment.

With concise and vivid writing, you can bring your major change rationale to life for reviewers. This essay can make or break your application, so devote significant time to refine it.

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To reiterate, you must adhere to TAP’s set application cycles and deadlines each semester. Here are the key dates:

Fall 2023:

– Application Opens: March 6, 2023
– Application Deadline: April 3, 2023
– Decision Notification: Before May orientation

Spring 2024:

– Application Opens: September 18, 2023
– Application Deadline: October 2, 2023
– Decision Notification: Before November orientation

Summer 2024:

– Application Opens: February 19, 2024
– Application Deadline: March 18, 2024
– Decision Notification: Before June orientation

Mark your calendar and make submissions well in advance of the deadlines. Applications received after the posted cut-off dates will not be considered until the next cycle.

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Transfer Review Process

Once you submit your complete TAP application by the deadline, here is the general process:

1. Your current major’s advisors will review and approve your request to leave the program.

2. Your application will be forwarded to your desired major for evaluation.

3. The new department will assess your eligibility and competitiveness as a transfer student based on space availability.

4. If approved, you will receive an official change of major notification before the next semester’s orientation.

5. Advisors will help you update your schedule and register for appropriate courses in the new major.

This cross-department review sequence can take weeks or months to finalize. Have patience and plan ahead. denial notices will provide feedback on why you were not approved so you can improve your application for the next cycle if desired.

Appeals Process

If your TAP application gets denied, you have the option to appeal the decision by contacting the department and submitting supplementary materials. However, appeals are rarely approved unless you:

– Did not meet stated requirements but your GPA or academic standing has improved
– Can provide additional compelling evidence of your aptitude for the major
– Applied very close to the deadline so reviewers rushed through your materials

Before appealing, carefully reassess your qualifications and likelihood of admission. Moving forward, you can boost your chances by taking relevant coursework, increasing your GPA, gaining applicable experience, collecting letters of recommendation, and applying sooner.

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Alternative Options

If your TAP transfer application is denied after multiple attempts, here are two alternative options to consider:

1. Change to an intermediate major first that aligns with some of your interests and strengths. Build your skills and academics in this field initially before attempting to transfer again in a future semester.

2. Apply as a transfer student after attending a local community college. Take at least 30 credits of a curriculum tailored for your desired major. Reapply with your improved transcript.

With persistence and strategic planning, you can get back on the path towards your ultimate ideal major over time. Don’t get discouraged by an initial roadblock.


Deciding to change majors through Texas A&M’s TAP program is a big choice requiring thorough preparation and diligence. While the process can be highly competitive, understanding the requirements, navigating timelines wisely, and submitting a strong application will set you up for success. Work closely with academic advisors and remain focused on your motivations, fit and future goals throughout this transitional period. With concerted effort, changing majors can put you on the optimal educational and career trajectory.

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