Valencia Academic Calendar 2023/2024

Valencia Academic Calendar – The University of Valencia  Academic Calendar outlines important dates and deadlines for the 2023-2024 academic year. This thorough calendar will help students, faculty, and staff stay organized and informed throughout the year’s major academic terms.

The calendar begins in August 2023 and closes in August 2024, encompassing details for the Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 semesters. Each semester is preceded by important preparation and meeting days for faculty and staff. The semesters include major deadlines like drop dates, final exam periods, grade entry dates, and more. Holidays, college closure days, and breaks are also clearly indicated within their respective terms.

Outside of listing pertinent term and semester details, the calendar also denotes the start dates for nearby community school districts in Orange and Osceola Counties. Syncing these dates allows for effective planning and collaboration between St. Valencia University and its regional K-12 and higher education partners. Having crucial academic dates and events for the full academic year in one robust calendar empowers students, faculty, and administrators in their individual educational planning and college responsibilities.

Fall Semester 2023


August 15: Preparation Day

August 16: Assembly, Meeting Day

August 17: Meeting Day

August 18: Preparation Day

August 21: Classes Begin FULL H1 TWK


September 4: Labor Day, College Closed

September 20: Classes Begin

September 25: Graduation Application Priority Deadline

September 25: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline


October 12: Classes End

October 13: Classes Begin


November 10: Veterans Day Observed, Preparation Day

November 22 – November 26: Thanksgiving Holiday, College Closed


December 10: Classes End

December 11: Preparation Day, Grades Due by 9:00 AM

December 12: Commencement

December 21 – January 1: Winter Break, College Closed

Spring Semester 2024


January 2: College Opens

January 4: Meeting Day

January 5: Preparation Day

January 8: Classes Begin

January 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, College Closed


February 9: Learning Day, Meeting Day

February 12: Classes Begin

February 28: Classes End

February 29: Classes Begin TWK

February 20: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline


March 18 – March 24: Spring Break, College Closed

March 13 – March 17: Orange County Public Schools Spring Break

March 13 – March 17: School District of Osceola County Spring Break

March 13 – March 17: University of Central Florida Spring Break

March 25: Graduation Application Priority Deadline

March 25: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline


April 22 – April 28: Final Exams

April 29: Preparation Day, Spring Term Grades Due by 9:00 AM

April 25: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline

Summer Semester 2024


May 2: Meeting Day

May 3: Preparation Day

May 5: Spring Term Commencement

May 6: Classes Begin

May 27: Memorial Day, College Closed


June 4: Classes Begin

June 17: Classes End, Preparation Day

June 18: Classes Begin TWK

June 17: Grades Due H1, Preparation Day

June 12: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline

June 25: Graduation Application Priority Deadline

June 25: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline


July 4: Independence Day, College Closed

July 24 – July 30: Final Exams on Last Day of Each Class

July 30: Classes End

July 31: Preparation Day

July 19: Student-initiated Withdrawal Deadline


August 1: All Grades Due by 9:00 AM, Preparation Day

August 2 is not an instructional day for the summer term

August 10: Orange County Public Schools Start

August 10: Osceola County Public Schools Start

August 21: University of Central Florida Fall Term Start

January 9: Orange County Public Schools Spring Term Start

January 3: School District of Osceola County Spring Term Start

January 8: University of Central Florida Spring Term Start

May 26: Orange County Public Schools Last Day of School

May 29: School District of Osceola County Last Day of School

May 13: University of Central Florida Summer Term Start


The calendar includes one (1) preparation day and one (1) meeting day at the start of each academic term (Fall, Spring, Summer). Preparation days allow time for professors, librarians, and counselors to prepare for the upcoming term. Meeting days allow time for college-wide assemblies, campus and discipline-wide meetings, and staff/professional development activities.

There is a period at the start of each term for “no show reporting” to confirm enrolled students who do not show up for classes.

The calendar follows a typical 15-week Fall and Spring semester system, with two 7.5 week sessions within each termed as Half Term 1 (H1) and Term Week (TWK). The Summer semester is 12 weeks in length, also split into two 6-week Half Terms.

Final exams occur during the last 1-2 class sessions at the end of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. There is a final preparation day after finals before grades are due.

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