UMN Academic Calendar for 2022/2023 Session

UMN Academic Calendar for 2022/2023 Session – Are you looking for the 2022/2023 academic calendar for the University of Minnesota? If yes, then you’ve come to the right page. In this article, you will find the complete UMN Academic Calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session. Including important dates and deadlines.

The University of Minnesota is a popular pubic research university in the United States. They offer Undergraduate, Graduate and professional programs to students. UMN currently has 89 undergraduate major and minor programs MD 25 graduate programs in top fields.

The UMN academic calendar is a detail schedule for the academic activities for the 2022/2023 academic session. It contains important dates, deadlines and major events. See full details of the 2022/2023 academic calendar in this post.

UMN Academic Calendar for 2022/2023 Session

University of Minnesota Academic Calendar for 2022/2023 Session

The University of Minnesota academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session is divided into fall semester, spring semester and summer session. See full details below:

UMN FALL SEMESTER SCHEDULE, 2022 (70 instructional days)

Date Milestone
Monday, August 22nd Faculty academic appointments begin
Thursday, August 25th – Sunday, August 28th Welcome Week (required for all new freshmen)
Monday, August 29th
Fall semester classes begin
Monday, September 5th Labor Day holiday: campus closed
Thursday, October 27th – Friday, October 28th Fall Break: no class
Thursday, November 24th Thanksgiving holiday: campus closed
Friday, November 25th Floating holiday*: campus closed
Friday, December 9th Last day of fall semester classes
Monday, December 12th – Friday, December 16th Final exams
Thursday, December 22nd Floating holiday*: campus closed
Friday, December 23rd Floating holiday*: campus closed
Monday, December 26th Christmas Day observed: campus closed
Friday, December 30th Floating holiday*: campus closed
Monday, January 2nd New Year’s Day observed: campus closed


UMN SPRING SEMESTER SCHEDULE, 2023 (72 instructional days)

Date Milestone
Wednesday, January 11th Spring semester classes begin
Monday, January 16th MLK holiday: campus closed
Friday, March 3rd Last day of classes before spring break
Monday, March 6th – Friday, March 10th Spring break: no class
Monday, March 13th Classes resume
Friday, April 28th Last day of spring semester classes
Monday, May 1st – Friday, May 5th Final exams
Saturday, May 6th Commencement
Sunday, May 21st Faculty academic appointments end


UMN SUMMER TERM SCHEDULE: May 8 – August 18, 2023

Date Milestone
Monday, May 8th May session classes begin
Monday, May 29th Memorial Day holiday: campus closed
Friday, June 2nd Final exams; last day of May session
Monday, June 5th Summer term classes begin
Monday, June 19th Juneteenth: no class
Tuesday, July 4th Independence Day holiday: campus closed
Friday, July 28th Final exams; last day of summer term


UMN Major and Minor Degree Programs

The University of Minnesota offers students the numerous major and minor degree programs to choose from. You can find some of the highly rated programs, including graduate programs. Below is a list of the major and minor degree programs at the University of Minnesota.

  1. Accounting B.Acc.
  2. Accounting Minor
  3. Aerospace Studies Minor
  4. African and African American Studies Minor
  5. American Indian Studies B.A.
  6. American Indian Studies Minor
  7. Anthropology B.A.
  8. Anthropology Minor
  9. Applied Materials Science M.S.
  10. Art B.A.
  11. Art Education B.F.A.
  12. Art History B.A.
  13. Art History Minor
  14. Art Minor
  15. Arts Administration B.A.
  16. Arts in Media Minor
  17. Astronomy Minor
  18. Biochemical Engineering Minor
  19. Biochemistry B.A.
  20. Biochemistry B.S.
  21. Biology B.A.
  22. Biology B.S.
  23. Biology Minor
  24. Business Administration M.B.A.
  25. Business Administration Minor
  26. Business Analytics B.B.A.
  27. Chemical Engineering B.S.Ch.E.
  28. Chemical Engineering M.S.Ch.E.
  29. Chemistry B.A.
  30. Chemistry B.S.
  31. Chemistry M.S.
  32. Chemistry Minor
  33. Childhood Nature Studies B.A.Sc.
  34. Chinese Area Studies B.A.
  35. Chinese Area Studies Minor
  36. Civil Engineering B.S.C.E.
  37. Civil Engineering M.S.
  38. Coaching Minor
  39. Cognitive Science B.A.
  40. Cognitive Science Minor
  41. Communication B.A.
  42. Communication Minor
  43. Communication Sciences and Disorders B.A.Sc.
  44. Communication Sciences and Disorders M.A.
  45. Community College Teaching Graduate Certificate
  46. Computer Engineering Minor
  47. Computer Science B.A.
  48. Computer Science B.S.
  49. Computer Science M.S.
  50. Computer Science Minor
  51. Consumer Insights and Analytics B.B.A.
  52. Creative Writing Certificate
  53. Criminology B.A.
  54. Cultural Entrepreneurship B.A.
  55. Dance Minor
  56. Deaf Studies Minor
  57. Developmental Adapted Physical Education Minor
  58. Digital Writing, Literature and Design Minor
  59. Early Childhood Studies B.A.Sc.
  60. Early Childhood Studies Minor
  61. Earth Sciences M.S.
  62. Economics B.B.A. & B.A.
  63. Economics Minor
  64. Education M.Ed.
  65. Educational Computing and Technology Certificate
  66. Electrical Engineering B.S.E.E.
  67. Electrical Engineering M.S.E.E.
  68. Electrical Engineering Minor
  69. Energy Engineering Minor
  70. Engineering M.Eng.
  71. Engineering Physics B.S.E.P.
  72. English B.A.
  73. English Minor
  74. Entrepreneurship B.B.A.
  75. Entrepreneurship Minor
  76. Environment, Sustainability & Geography B.A.
  77. Environment, Sustainability and Geography Minor
  78. Environmental and Outdoor Education B.A.Sc.
  79. Environmental and Outdoor Education Minor
  80. Environmental Education Graduate Certificate
  81. Environmental Education M.E.Ed.
  82. Environmental Engineering Minor
  83. Environmental Health and Safety M.Env.Hlth.Sa.
  84. Environmental Science B.S.
  85. Environmental Science Minor
  86. Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences B.A.Sc.
  87. Film Studies Minor
  88. Finance B.B.A.
  89. Finance Minor
  90. Financial Markets Finance B.B.A.
  91. Financial Markets Minor
  92. Financial Planning B.B.A.
  93. Financial Planning Minor
  94. French Studies B.A.
  95. French Studies Minor
  96. Geographic Information Science B.S.
  97. Geographic Information Science Certificate
  98. Geographic Information Science Minor
  99. Geological Sciences B.A.
  100. Geological Sciences B.S.
  101. Geological Sciences Minor
  102. German Studies B.A.
  103. German Studies Minor
  104. Graphic Design B.F.A.
  105. Health and Wellness Coaching Minor
  106. Health Care Management B.B.A.
  107. Health Care Management Minor
  108. History B.A.
  109. History Minor
  110. Human Resources Management B.B.A.
  111. Indigenous Environmental Systems and Resource Management Graduate Certificate
  112. Industrial Engineering B.S.I.E.
  113. Integrated Biosciences M.S.
  114. Integrated Biosciences Ph.D.
  115. Integrated Elementary and Special Education B.A.Sc.
  116. Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.
  117. International Business Minor (Only available to LSBE students)
  118. International Studies B.A.
  119. International Studies Minor
  120. Jazz Studies B.Mus.
  121. Jazz Studies Minor
  122. Journalism B.A.
  123. Journalism Minor
  124. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies Minor
  125. Linguistics B.S.
  126. Linguistics Minor
  127. Management B.B.A.
  128. Management Information Systems B.B.A.
  129. Management Information Systems Minor
  130. Management Minor
  131. Marketing Analytics Minor
  132. Marketing and Graphic Design B.B.A.
  133. Marketing B.B.A.
  134. Marketing Minor
  135. Materials Science and Engineering Minor
  136. Mathematical Sciences M.S.
  137. Mathematics B.S.
  138. Mathematics Minor
  139. Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E.
  140. Mechanical Engineering M.S.M.E.
  141. Museum Studies Certificate
  142. Music B.A.
  143. Music Education B.Mus.
  144. Music Minor
  145. Music Performance B.Mus.
  146. Natural History Minor
  147. Philosophy B.A.
  148. Philosophy Minor
  149. Photography Minor
  150. Physical Education B.A.Sc.
  151. Physical Education Outdoor Education Minor
  152. Physics B.A.
  153. Physics B.S.
  154. Physics M.S.
  155. Physics Minor
  156. Political Science B.A.
  157. Political Science Minor
  158. Professional Sales B.B.A.
  159. Professional Studies in Multidisciplinary Research and Creativity, M.P.S.
  160. Professional Writing Minor
  161. Psychological Science M.A.
  162. Psychology B.A.Sc.
  163. Psychology B.A.Sc. (Online)
  164. Psychology Minor
  165. Public Health B.A.Sc.
  166. Public Health Minor
  167. Quality Science Minor
  168. Resilient Precast Concrete Undergraduate Certificate
  169. Social Work B.S.W.
  170. Social Work M.S.W.
  171. Sociology B.A.
  172. Sociology Minor
  173. Spanish Studies B.A.
  174. Spanish Studies Minor
  175. Special Education Minor
  176. Statistics and Actuarial Science B.S.
  177. Studio Art B.F.A.
  178. Sustainable Business and Organizations Minor (Only available to LSBE students)
  179. Teaching and Learning Ed.D.
  180. Teaching Communication Arts & Literature B.A.A.
  181. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate
  182. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) & Multilingual Education Minor
  183. Teaching Mathematics B.A.Sc.
  184. Teaching Sciences (Earth & Space, Life, and Physical Sciences – Chemistry or Physics) B.A.Sc.
  185. Teaching Social Studies B.A.A.
  186. Teaching World Languages (Spanish, French, and German) B.A.A.
  187. Theatre B.A.
  188. Theatre B.F.A.
  189. Theatre Design & Production Certificate
  190. Theatre Minor
  191. Theory and Composition B.Mus.
  192. Tribal Administration and Governance B.A.
  193. Tribal Administration and Governance M.T.A.G.
  194. Tribal Administration and Leadership Graduate Certificate
  195. Tribal Natural Resource Stewardship, Economics, and Law Graduate Certificate
  196. Tribal Resource and Environmental Stewardship M.T.R.E.S.
  197. Tribal Sovereignty and Federal Indian Law Graduate Certificate
  198. Unified Early Childhood Studies B.A.Sc.
  199. Water Resources Science M.S.
  200. Water Resources Science Ph.D.
  201. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies B.A.
  202. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor
  203. Writing Studies B.A.


The University of Minnesota has released the academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session. The academic calendar contains all important deadlines and dates including major events and holidays. To see the 2022/2023 academic calendar, read through this post carefully. If you have questions or require assistance in any way, feel free to contact us by dropping a message in the comment box below.

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